Friday, November 18, 2011

New pics!!!!

Don't ask me why but for some reason I decided to check my email bright and early.....the blog email. And boy was I surprised!  New pics of our little guy.  The mom reiterated that he is in a good orphanage and is being taken well care of. 

That is such a peace of mind knowing he is well taken care of since this process is taking sooooo long.  He keeps calling them mamma and pappa.  Imagine how excited and unbelievably blessed he will feel when we come for him.  I just continue to hope that in his heart he knows we are coming and that's why each set of "American" parents that come through he thinks are for him.  Oh how I had wished it would have been the best Christmas present ever for him to come home to a real family, but alas that is not the will of Him at this point. 

So we keep standing in faith that Jeremy was meant for us and that this is a journey of faith and growth to prepare us for our sweet boy!

Thanks for all of you who have supported us.  We are still in need of money, so please if your heart feels our need donate to the tax deductible grant found on the left of this page.

Thank you!!!!