Friday, November 18, 2011

New pics!!!!

Don't ask me why but for some reason I decided to check my email bright and early.....the blog email. And boy was I surprised!  New pics of our little guy.  The mom reiterated that he is in a good orphanage and is being taken well care of. 

That is such a peace of mind knowing he is well taken care of since this process is taking sooooo long.  He keeps calling them mamma and pappa.  Imagine how excited and unbelievably blessed he will feel when we come for him.  I just continue to hope that in his heart he knows we are coming and that's why each set of "American" parents that come through he thinks are for him.  Oh how I had wished it would have been the best Christmas present ever for him to come home to a real family, but alas that is not the will of Him at this point. 

So we keep standing in faith that Jeremy was meant for us and that this is a journey of faith and growth to prepare us for our sweet boy!

Thanks for all of you who have supported us.  We are still in need of money, so please if your heart feels our need donate to the tax deductible grant found on the left of this page.

Thank you!!!!


Saturday, October 15, 2011

31 any one?

Well, I feel like I can see the finish line, but its on top of a very big hill.  We need a few key pieces of information and then we sprint to the finish line.  I suppose we could sprint to the line now, but we need the information to know if it will be a sprint or a few more months.   So being an exercise avoider.....we'll wait for the information.

But no matter what there is at least $6-$10 thousand left to find, raise, whatever it takes.

Please go to this website to order some awesome bags and organizational gear.  20% of every sale goes into Jeremy's fund.  So please take a look and share.

Thanks again everyone!


Thursday, October 6, 2011

It's Dad's birthday today!

Today is Jeremy's dad's birthday!  Hopefully, our grant will increase today in honor of DAD!

Last night we all slept in what the kids got him for his birthday.  A new tent! So we don't need to borrow the neighbors tent anymore.  I even slept out there.  Maybe that's why I'm 3 am.

No really I'm up becaue all night I've been thinking about Jeremy.  What we can do to get the money to bring him home.  Money such a material thing in the path of a mom and dad.

Have a good day everyone!


Saturday, October 1, 2011

Money maker

Inbox dollars!

This is a pretty cool thing.  Allows you to make money for reading emails and such.  Please link through this site.  It's an easy no cost way to help support Jeremy.  Just click the link or use the button over by the tshirts button.

I would suggest you create a separate gmail account to do this. 


Thursday, September 29, 2011

A mother's birthday wish

Yes today is my birthday.  There has been a wonderful out pouring of facebook happy birthday messages today. My husbands is in 7 days, but he will be older than me hee hee.

It is difficult to be very happy today.  I have loads and loads of reasons to be grateful and I am indeed.  However, when we first committed to Jeremy it seemed that by the time our birthdays rolled around we would be traveling to get him.  I had it in my head that on my birthday I'd be hugging him for the first time. 

There is a drawing in my head I wish I could put to paper.  It's a desperate person in an arena battered and torn running around gathering supplies which are little bags with a $ on them.  In the foreground is a large section of people cheering the battered person on.  Their scale in size is nothing in comparison to the few huge vultures that are eyeing the contender.  Written across the chest of the vultures is the word failure. This makes me think of David writing Psalms 23.

See the reason I try to pass on that picture is we know the vultures that are just waiting on the side lines, just waiting for us to fail.  If you are one of those vultures and are reading this, why do you bother.  Why and how are you getting pleasure in your scrutiny? Realize we aren't really truly talking about money here, we are talking about the life of a little boy and his future.

Then I stand back and cry out in a rebuking prayer to rid my soul of the burden of the evil entities.  He can deliver us from all.  Then, I open my heart to allow the peace of God perfect timing fill my raw spirit.  In my spirit and objectively I know this journey isn't in our hands.  The human fleshly side wants to lash out in anger at those who seem to find pleasure in our dire circumstances, but alas

"Cast your cares on the LORD and he will sustain you; he will never let the righteous fall." Psalms 55:22 NIV

"Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you." 1 Peter 5:7

So as a birthday wish, I not only ask you to donate to the tax deductible grant every dollar counts, but to please share our blog on whatever social media you use.  Also, please in you passing tell people not only about us, but the many other Reece's Rainbow families.  My heart tells me there's people out there who can and want to help, we just need to find them.

Thank you!


Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Join us for Gratituesday at Heavenly Homemakers!
One of my new favorite blogs-Heavenly Homemakers asks that on Tuesday you post what you are most thankful for today.  Wow, how hard is that to pick when you have so much to be thankful for.  I guess today I will pick the refinancing we were able to do today.  In about an hour, we did a major overhaul of interest rates and loan life.  I wish it meant that we just automatically got enough to bring Jeremy home, but it doesn't, but it is one step in a better direction.

I am also thankful for getting to go out to eat today!  Wow, what a treat! Thanks to a nice coupon, we allowed ourselves to go out prior to the kids dentist appt.  On a sour note, one of our little ones has a cavity.  We had been doing flouride treatments and were able to stave it off of needing repaired for a whole year, but the time has come.  :(

Thanks to those of you who read this, please pick one of your favorite posts and post it on your facebook, twitter, or blogs.  We need new traffic as the number to the left hasn't moved in quite some time.

We are eternally grateful to those of who have stepped up to the plate and threw out a little $ to give a boy on the other side of the world a family.  It's still sad to think that just because you are special needs, your mommy and daddy don't take you home.  I hope and pray that when we get to Jeremy we find out that he is a true orphan and not an abandoned child for his sake.


Monday, September 26, 2011

The Price of Adoption

What a pleasant surprise we received in the mail!

Inside was a $150 check for our adoption and the following verses and story.  I just don't know how it could have been said better.

2 Corinthians 12:9 "And he said unto me, My grace is sufficient for thee: For my strength is made perfect in weakness.  Most gladly therefore will I rather glory in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me."

The Price of Adoption by Amy Adair

"How much did she cost?" the cashier at the grocery store asked, pointing to my daughter.

I nervously shifted Evie, on my hip and swiped my credit card.  My husband and I had just gotten home from Bejing, China, with our new daughter and I wasn't prepared for prying questions from strangers.

"How much did you pay for your car?" I shot back.

She wrinkled her forehead, frowned, and was obviously offended by my question.

"I'd just heard that it was $100,000 to adopt from China" she hissed.

"It's not $100,000," I sighed.  "She didn't cost a penny.  We did however, pay a social worker and an agency to help facilitate the adoption."

As I headed back to my car, I had a sinking feeling that more people would ask the same question.  I was right.  The first week Evie was home, my dentist, a neighbor, and a stranger at the park al wanted to know: How much?

It is true adoption isn't cheap.  There are a lot of fees that add up quickly.  We paid for a home study, visas, passports, immigration papers, plane tickets, and hotels.  Quite honestly, it is a financial sacrifice.  But so are other things that people don't question, like sending your child to college.  People find a way to do it.  much like financing a college education, there are grants, loans, and federal tax credits available to adoptive parents.

I wonder, though, what's the cost of not adopting?  It was never God's intention for children to grow up in an orphanage without the love of a mother and father.  Clearly God weeps for those who suffer, especially the fatherles.  In fact, in Matthew 19:14, Jesus berates his disciples for turning children away from him.  Jesus invites the children to stay and declare that the kingdom of Heaven belongs not to the grownups but to the kids.  It is one of the many beautiful pictures in the Bible that illustrates God as our Abba or Father.

It is also a call to action.  Just as Jesus welcomed the children, he asks us to reach out the the neediest to the least of these.

How well written and how true.  We are applying for grants, but time is of the essence.  We need to have funds prior to leaving.  What Jeremy needs to have a family is such a small drop in the bucket in the big picture.  By donating you can know that 100% of your donation is going towards this little boy.  How many charities out there have that sort of return rate?  So many have such high over head costs that only a very small percentage of you dollar ever makes it to the cause you are supporting.  A donation to his grant is tax deductible and be assured 100%! goes to bringing Jeremy home.


Sunday, September 25, 2011

White chili and strawberry bread

Home made yogurt
I just can't help but pretty!

Today was a white chili sort of day.  We had had plans to have supper with some friends tonight so I made A LOT!  Well, dinner plans fell through and after we ate there was a one and half crockpots full of white chili.  So good thing it was good, cuz we'll be having it again and again....thank goodness for freezers.

One of the quart jars of yogurt became strawberry today.  Some of the other strawberries became strawberry applesauce bread and some became a strawberry kiwi smoothie.  Since we have been eating more whole foods it's amazing how much our taste buds have adapted and things like stawberries, yams, and squash taste sweet without piles of sugar.  Amazing!

Trying so hard not to be discouraged, our grant hasn't moved in about a month.  We have depleted our own savings.  I just wonder what will happen when we get a travel date.  Trying very hard to keep our chins up and smile when our kids ask when their brother is coming home. 

Please consider how much a small piece of your wants vs needs budget can mean. 

If any one has any odd jobs that could be accomplished by myself or handyman/mechanic hubby, please let us know. 


Saturday, September 24, 2011

Make ahead cooking on the flip around day.

Today is what I call a 'flip around day'.  Day or Night which is it?

What that translates to is, I worked a 12 hour night shift so want to only sleep as much as necessary to function so that I can go to bed tonight and be back on a "normal" person schedule tomorrow.  What it also means and that it is generally a practically wasted day as I am so tired and only want to sleep let alone be productive. But, thanks to my great husband I got a good solid 4.5 hours of sleep and woke up feeling like I could accomplish a few things.  Since I work a few nights next week, I thought I would cook some make ahead, get better as they sit in the fridge meals, so that next week I don't have to spend much time on cooking.  The other motivation is I have been following this blog and this blog lately and have been trying hard to be a better cook.  As part of that came the reality of our new $115/week grocery budget.  It was another corner that could be shaved down to try and get Jeremy home.  So again, I plead if you would please consider giving even just a meal out worth of $20 to give Jeremy a home and not an institution please please do.

So here's what I've made so far today

Butter for the dishes I have made today.  As a side perk, buttermilk which will be used to make corn bread later in the week.  Also, here's a little tip when making mashed potatoes use buttermilk in place of the butter and milk and you will end up with luscious smooth mashed potatoes that are naturally low fat!   Try it! It's amazing, I haven't made them with margarine and milk since.  So the butter cost-$1.88 for 2 big pots of food, but you could say free in our budget since it was purchased last week.

With the Des Moines trip for fingerprints, our grocery budget was $85 this week. In case you haven't noticed, gas is like expensive LOL!  The cool thing is we have been able to redeem quite a few points over the last week or so and have made a lot of head way by using the gift cards.  This week's grocery budget is thanks to the "safety bucks" my husband saved up at work.

Yogurt Made a gallon of yogurt for let's say $6, it's probably less, but who knows.  Again all the supplies were purchased on last week's budget, so $0.  Why do I bother making my own yogurt?  Well because it's A. cheaper B.Healthier, I control the amount of sugar, etc. C. Better for our Earth that we were given, yogurt containers aren't recyclable here and plus its just more waste.  We'll make peach yogurt with the homemade peach jam I made last week from our peach tree.

Black eyed peas and rice
Used a cup of rice I had on hand, 1/2 can coconut milk that I had on hand, and a can of black eyed peas that a friend gave us, some of the butter I made and a little garlic salt.  So really, I say it was free.  We had it with home made cranberry sauce from last Thanksgiving.  It was delicious! And we have left overs for later in the week. I did use it as a side dish to our steak and egg plant on the grill supper too.

Luscious Lima Bean soup was made with all stuff I had on hand.  Pretty sure the dry lima beans had been around for awhile.  It will provide a meal for all four of us, plus two work lunches.  So a pretty much free meal.  The broth was made from scraps of another meal.

In the pot now is Curried butternut pear soup.  It did cost me some chicken broth $2 since I haven't been making my own broth/stock for long enough yet to have adequate reserves.  The squash I had left over from last week, or the week before, and then I just used some of the pear sauce I made last week.  It will get better with time in the fridge.

Great Northern beans are soaking for white chili tomorrow.  I will also make red chili using left over enchilada sauce from our enchilada fund raiser.  Pretty much all stuff on hand with a few dollars in groceries. I was going to buy canned beans, but the price difference swayed me to just cook them myself.  Less sodium for less $ and less waste. 

The laundry is only part done.....but tomorrow is a new day.  Pretty happy with the progress on a usual "wasted" day. 

A beautiful day.  The kids played with their friends and I cooked.  We even played a little basketball.....but now they want to go see The Hawkeyes play.  Let's see if we can swing that soon!


Thursday, September 22, 2011

A VERY early morning tomorrow!

That's right tomorrow we are getting up at 4am and will be out the door by 5am to go to our USCIS fingerprinting session! Then, we will drive the 2.5 hours back and do some tag team sleeping before we both work an overnight 12 hours shift tomorrow!  Thank you to Ms. thejoyofwhatis, our littles will be entertained and spoiled while we work.  Not sure what we would do without this fellow Reece's Rainbow mom.  She and her family have been so helpful in our journey.

Now $$$$$ we need lots of you and soon!  It is keeping us from our son! 

I received a wonderful adoption gift and poem in the mail a few days ago.  It will soon be part of this blog.  But for now.....


Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Recently I have been doing a lot of reading about to eat healthy and even organic on a tight budget.  Tonight I stumbled across Heavenly Homemakers.  It's nice to know that there are others out there who share my faith and my passion for the Earth the Lord gave us to steward.  One particularly cool thing is the Heavenly Homemakers will be the host of an awesome give away, a Nutrimill grain grinder, a pricey piece of essential equipment for a kitchen that prepares real food.  So if that trips your trigger as much as it does mine check it out here.

There is a book out there called Learning to Cook, I was soooo tempted to buy it for a certain reader :) 

Check out  Here you can see how to eat healthy organic meals and feed a family of 4 for under $100 a week. 

What really started my reading was  This family took a pledge to feed their family only real food for 100 days and then another challenge to feed their family real food on a food budget less than food stamps in their area.  Very interesting.

On another note, please pray for us to find a solution to our child care needs.  We have a wonderful friend 35 miles from us who is always willing to watch our little people, but it is a less than ideal solution with the drive as you can imagine.  I truly have it in my heart as the days go by to be a mostly at home mom.  There are some real big prayers to be answered in order for that to happen.  This week I don't really feel like a mom, I feel more like the lady that arranges for transportation and the like.  This week shall end. But, I must reiterate how thankful I am that we have a overly adequate roof, good vehicles, plenty of food, health insurance, and no overdue bills.  There are so many out there right now that are struggling and we really aren't one of them.  We have all our needs met. 

The adoption is an odd spot right now.  Some of our paper work is fixing to expire.  We have been told to get all of our ducks in a row and finished up because when its go time its go right now time.  It's a faith tester because the money isn't there and its hard to be motivated to run as fast as we can to the finish line when all we see is a cliff.  Well, I'm not really sure what to do with that.

I took care of a little boy the other day who looked sooooo much like Jeremy.  It was sorta hard.  I picture him wearing the pajamas that are sitting on the dresser, I picture him at the table with his brother and sister.  We have given this to God, HE is the only one who can make this happen. 

While watching the show "The Business of Being Born" one of the ladies said labor became so much easier after she just gave in to the pain and that it wasn't going to end.  In some ways, that's how I feel, I've given it to God.  I will keep doing my part, but I'm going to quit fighting with some of the emotions.  It's all in His timing and His perfect plan.  We surely don't have all the answers other than there is a little boy on the other side of the world who has a seat at our table.


Saturday, September 3, 2011

Yard Sale

The yard sale netted around $500.  So some closer!  Waiting on HIS timing to make this happen.  Trying to not get anxious.


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

He went to the post office!

David has spent the day working on the USCIS stuff.  So the home study is being sent to Missouri as I type!  So now the real nail biting starts.  Now its get into gear we gotta get this money.  No more dragging feet.

We are having a big yard sale over Labor Day, please please please give us your junk! I'll even come and get it :)


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Will this be the week?

I think we finally have everything to send to USCIS.....I think.  I'm working nights all this week so my wonderful husband will be scanning documents for approval and hopefully sending them off for the "real" waiting.

NO registrations for the golf tournament.  Sorta hard to believe.  It seemed like such a great idea, even had a couple people offer to help.  We got a few donations from businesses.  The next task will be to contact those businesses and see if they want their donation back since the golf tournament didn't fly.   We need to have something locally again as we do still have things that were donated for prizes or auction items.

Over labor day we will be having a BIG garage sale.  Please donate your "junk" to be someone else's treasure and also Jeremy's ticket home.  Also, if you have tables that we could borrow we need those too.  Check this out!  This family just adopted from Jeremy's orphanage.  Its a good look at where our little guy is and that the process does indeed come to an end finally and that they DO come home eventually.

Well this was the week to start school.  We have done two days worth of home school.  I am amazed at what they have retained from last year.  But, am confused by what they didn't retain.  Just the dynamic nature of us humans.  They were so excited to start school, and well so was mom, that we just decided to start.  I am working a lot of nights in the upcoming weeks, so I guess now was as good as ever. 

If you are a home school family or would enjoy learning history with your family check out the BIBLIOPLAN button on the lower left of the blog.  We already had a history curriculum given to us for this year, but I foresee using it in the future.  The curriculum was written by a fellow Reece's Rainbow family.

Thanks to all of you who read this.  It has been wonderful hearing that people do indeed read our blog.  One of my favorite movies is Julie and Julia, I often feel like Julie in the beginning.  Does anyone read this?  But, ever so gradually I "meet" you as readers.


Saturday, August 13, 2011

Lemonade any one?

The kids got together and had a lemonade stand today and yesterday.  It was beyond cute!  They did have a fair amount of business!  Thanks Jack's mom, you were our bestest customer!

I think we have all the stuff to send to USCIS finally, so hopefully Monday it will go in the mail! And then the real wait begins and the fund raising has got to kick it into gear :)

Unless we have a LOT of registrations by Monday, we will have to cancel the golf tournament.  It was a great idea, but some times you just have to let things go.  It is a bummer, but I'm sure the Lord will provide in a different way.
It sound like our Jewelry party made some Jeremy money!  I'll put an official total up when we have the finals.


Saturday, August 6, 2011

Home study, still a work in progress

We thought we had our home study all done ready to send off.....well think again.  It is really close was just missing a few little things, so soon very soon, we will be sending that off!  USCIS already has our check and cashed it quickly so once they get the home study the next step takes around 2 months or so.  Then we have been told, hold on because everything really moves quickly then.  Well, let's just hope that the fund raising goes as fast.

Still hoping to get this golf tournament off the ground. 

It's a beautiful day out!  We had 7 kids in this house last night for supper and over night.  It was amazing.  I love having that many mouths to feed and interact with.  If we had the house and the means, it would be a blessing to me to have a large family. :)  The boys had a "breakfast picnic" this morning, they all said it was a first.

Our baby boy Jedidiah is going to be 5 tomorrow.  So hard to believe.....  Also, remembering being very pregnant and working on the ambulance in this lovely Iowa August heat. 


Sunday, July 31, 2011

Ask and you shall receive

I had someone ask for us to put up a thermometer to show the progress we are making. So you will see it on the left hand side of the home page now.

Keep in mind, that it does not include all the money that we have spent to make fundraisers happen and such.  For instance we bought all the ingredients and packaging for the enchiladas which was around $450.  Then figure in mileage, time, electricity for stove, etc.  We had rock stars help us make them and then also people who helped transport them back to Des Moines and Fort Madison. 

So we keep trudging along little by little everything helps.  So please continue to help spread the word!  826 more $20 donations if I don't include passport and document money, 801 more $20 if I do, either way we are getting closer!

Thanks for your help.  We have lots of maybes for the golf tournament, but no one has stepped up and registered.....a little nervous about that to say the least.


Sunday, July 24, 2011

Back at it

I have been avoiding the computer and blog for a little while.  Sometimes you just wonder what there is to write about.  I'm never sure if people want to hear about what's going on in our lives, or if they just want to hear about how the adoption is going.  As far as the adoption, we are still praying for $ to land in the right spot.  Our homestudy is complete so now on to the second step with USCIS. 

We have received lots of pictures from a family that was at Jeremy's orphanage.  It is just so amazing how precious stories and pictures of him are.  I liken it to the ultrasound pictures in a way.  You know the baby is in there, but then you get to see him and it just changes everything.

Still working on the golf tournament.  Still need teams to register and sponsorship. So please keep spreading the word. 

Also, the tshirt design that we have is now available on a reusable shopping bag.  I hope to get some sort of picture up to market those a little better.

I would love to hear from those of you who read this blog through comments or through the blog email.  I just wonder what you think we could do to improve our fund raising efforts. 

Also, what would you like to read about on the blog?  Like do you want to know the tooth fairy will be visiting our house tonight for the first time ever?  Do you want to know that we rented our rental house finally!? Do you want to know about the cool present my mom gave me or the experience my best friend facilitated for our family?  Ya know those sort of things.

Well until next time.  Love on the ones you love and pay it forward.


Sunday, July 10, 2011

Blessings abound

We had a very blessed day today.  We were asked to present at our church.  I felt like I was in high school speech class preparing to publicly speak.  It went well, even though I was nervous I remember how much I enjoy having the chance to speak about something I believe strongly in to a group.  David did well, standing in front of many people isn't exactly in his comfort zone. :)

At the end of the day we are down to needing 816 more $20 dollar donations!  Thank you to each of you who have contributed with $20, so many have done more, others have given less.  The small gifts mean just as much as the large, every sacrifice made to give this little guy a home is worth it! 

Please continue to pray, pray this little boy home!  Continue to consider giving up a dinner out, or a few lattes to provide a forever family to a wonderful little boy.  Every gift is so appreciated!  Our family and the ones before us and the ones after us who have fund raised their children home understand how hard it is to put the gratitude into word.  Thank you for being part of Jeremy's story.


Saturday, July 9, 2011

No Impact Man is crazy and we're crazy

I don't know how in the world I had never seen it before, but last night I watched No Impact Man.  As many people know I am a bit of a closet environmentalist.  I am a Christ forgiven lover of responsible environmental practices.  Politically, it seems backwards I know.  But the Earth was given to us by God as I believe and therefore we should be responsible to take care of it as the one's He created to be the stewards of this Earth.

Well anyway back to why I am blogging about this.  Throughout the movie the family who lived for a year with minimum impact on the environment got much criticism for going against the popular consumer driven/selfish people in their lives.  There were so many moments that paralleled our own journey.  We are going against the tide and doing something that many know is right.  But, because they themselves don't feel they could make such a sacrifice for the greater good project that onto us and call us crazy.  Many try to find some alternative motivation. 

Granted it's frustrating.....but from the beginning I saw what a road this would be.  It's not all just about fundraising enough money to save our little boy, it's also a personal and spiritual growth road.  I have had to learn how to be humble, how to not degrade people for being selfish, how to handle criticism of something I believe so strongly in. 

It's really similar to how I have seen some people in my life act when I hold them accountable for being too lazy to recycle.  I had a unique experience while in Brazil to see the real impact of our convenience driven lives.  It was so sad to see the lungs of our planet demolished for the strip mining of Bauxite

Believe me I am not a perfect tree hugger, LOL!  We definitely have a net energy usage.  I get it that it is hard.  But there are so many little things we do that if everyone did would make a huge impact.  Realize by walking the extra 10 feet to recycle your soda can save 90% of the original energy that it took to make that soda can.  Plus, here in Iowa its 5 cents and I would be happy to take it for you :)

In regards to helping and saving these unwanted children, it is not realistic for every one to accept a child into their homes, but it is realistic for people to help those who are willing.  Many people, including us, support children through organization such as World Vision, Children's International, Feed the Children.  It's not so taboo to send your $25 dollars a month off for those kids.  Well, we are sort of doing the ultimate child sponsorship by bringing these babies home.   

We may be as non-conventional as the family who under went the project presented in No Impact Man, but our project is a little different.  We are going to be Jeremy's family. 

We need your help!  $20 that's all.  Please consider how much you spend on every day conveniences, realize how these kids have never experienced those things.  Jeremy has never had McDonald's or a soda or take out.  A VERY small sacrifice will mean the world to him.  Please $20. 
Well back to cleaning, the littles are helping clean the floors and having great fun doing it, last weekend I was so busy with the bake sale that the house got a teensy bit trashed.  A good friend is coming over with her kiddos to watch mine tonight while I announce the Go-Kart races and I promised her I would have this pit cleaned up.  Have a great weekend everyone, keep us in your prayers please.  Tomorrow we get to stand up in church and tell our story.  We go to a decent size church, I am totally excited to see what God does with that opportunity!


Friday, July 8, 2011

The reality

We have continued to get new pictures of Jeremy on almost a daily basis!  It's just so exciting and encouraging every time we see a new picture of our boy!  It helps us to realize what we are working so hard for.

Our bake sale went well as I said earlier. But, I thought I would share what I said to people as they glanced as they walked by and then what I said to help them understand.  As they would walk and grumble, bake sale, I would smile and say Good Morning We are working hard to bring our son home.  Puzzled....they would walk over and begin to read the sign.  Then, I would say Jeremy was born into a culture that when a child is born with a disability they do not go home with mommy and daddy, they go to an orphanage.  We are going to be his mommy and daddy. 

I just don't understand.  As a mom, I would have loved my baby to the end of the Earth even if they were born purple with 8 legs.  It's just hard for me to understand.

I have heard over and over, why international why not take care of our own.  We do take care of our own.  Children with disabilities have an amazing life when you compare them to other children across the world.  Even the poorest, have it better. In this country, no matter your disability you receive love and an education. 

At age 4, special needs CHILDREN go to an adult institution.  I just don't know how better to explain the tragedy of that.  Imagine a little 4 year old boy sent into a setting of minimally supervised, 100% uneducated, special needs men!  I mean really the injustice.  It's a harse reality, but many do not survive long in an institution.

So we ask, keep Jeremy out of an institution.  Give him what he dreams of! $20 is all we are asking from everyone.  What have you spent $20 on lately that could even come close to comparing what this $20 means?  This isn't money for us, this is money for Jeremy.  Your $20 could make one less orphan.
My new favorite picture of little Jeremy!
Jeremiah 1:5 "I knew you before I formed you in your mother's womb.  Before you were born I set you apart and appointed you as my prophet to the nations."

God doesn't make mistakes.  Jeremy was born perfect.  And now he's going to be a perfect addition to our family with your help.


Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A new picture

We got a new picture of our little boy yesterday!  It came at such a wonderful time.  Can I say that I am totally exhausted from this weekend's bake sale?  Days of baking, and a whole day on my feet in the sun with a 3 hr nap before, I was a zombie yesterday! LOL!  But, just when I was getting discouraged an email popped up with a new picture of our little guy.  Our whole family was thrilled!

David is out working on getting a few more sponsors for our golf tournament.  We NEED sponsors, so if you know of any one or think you might have once known someone, ask them to sponsor our tournament.  Hole Sponsors can do so for $100, we also need door prizes.

Also, don't forget about the premier jewelry.  If you want to host a party, please contact me asap.  All sales in the month of July that go through Leah will result in at least 70% of each sale going to our adoption.

Thanks again everyone for all your help.  I'm staring down the barrel of a couple night shifts....


Thursday, June 30, 2011

So much to do, so little time

I must say my body is starting to feel the effects of doing so much. We are working so hard to bring our Jeremy home.  Every night I sit at the computer to try and ramp up the fundraising, every morning off to work thinking about how to get our son home.  While doing dishes, thinking-What more can I do?  It truly is preoccupying my husband and I's thoughts continually.

We received a wonderful email from a mom who is in country. She told us wonderful things about our little boy.  I gotta admit I'm pretty jealous that she is getting to see him and play with him.  I just  hope he knows in his heart, how hard we are working.  I hope in his dreams his heart knows we are coming.  October is so close when you think of the money we need to raise, October is so far away when you think of how much his parents and brother and sister want him home! 

It still breaks our hearts to know that our little boy is receiving just enough to survive, he deserves enough to thrive.  Being born with an extra chromosome or other disability warrants these children to go to the baby house.  When he turns 4 he'll go to an institution, where even less will be offered to him.  All it takes is a little time and love for these little guys to thrive.  He will have every opportunity when he gets home with mom and dad.  He's going to learn to read, he's going to learn what it's like to wake up to the aroma of breakfast being cooked by his mommy.  When he wakes up in the middle of the night, his daddy will be there to comfort him.  He's got a big brother already so proud of him and can hardly wait to so him all his toys.  There's so many little things that most kids take for granted that Jeremy has never experienced!  Knowing that he won't have to wear girl clothes.....  I've seen so many pictures of little boys wearing girl clothes.  I've also seen the pictures of these "outcasts" gathering around small holes in the fences that keep them from society's view.  Gathering to get a glimpse of the world that has shunned them for their "disability."  These children deserve loving families not to be hidden from sight!

Thank you for your donations.  $20 isn't a lot in the grand scheme of things, but in our journey it is one step closer to the top of the mountain!

Please check out our golf outing post, we are still in need of a lot of sponsors to get the tournament off the ground. 


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Bring Jeremiah Home Golf Tournament!

August 20, 2011 Shaeffer's Golf Course!   9am tee off!

We are having a big benefit tournament, 4 men/women teams.  36 teams!

Here's what we need:
1. Corporate Sponsor $4000-will get a great big sign and advertisement, plus a large tax deductible donation, if a sponsor steps forth soon ALL fliers will state that the tournament is brought to them by said business.  This is a great way for a business to get some major advertisement as it will be in all the papers and such. A few businesses/people could share this sponsorship.

2. 18 entities to sponsor a hole for $100-advertisement and prizes associated with your name!

3. DOOR PRIZES!  Please spread the word.  Looking for great door prizes and also would like to have 144 of any item so that each and every golfer is guaranteed a gift for attending.

5. Sponsors for trophies-awarded to Best Ambulance Score, Best Fire Score, Best Church Score, Best Overall Score.

6. Donation of some good prizes, since most of our golfers will likely be men, looking for some manly gifts-drills, saws, sporting gear-get the idea?

We are awaiting one final phone call and then fliers will be going out to invite people to participate.  Hoping to offer an "all-inclusive" type registration that will include food and beverages at the event.

Please spread the word.  Ask any business owners you know to donate marketing merchandise.  It's a great way for the business to get advertisement and help out a wonderful cause.

My ultimate optimistic goal is to not only raise enough funds to bring Jeremy home, but to make a HUGE donation to Reece's Rainbow for more children to experience a mother's love.

Thanks to all you who have volunteered to help!  We may need a few more volunteers the day of the event, but mostly right now we need people to help beat the streets to get prizes and sponsors!

Thank YOU!!!!!

Thanks to Momentus Golf of Mount Pleasant, Federal Mogul of Burlington, Indian Hills Golf of Wapello for your donation of prizes. And Lil Cubbies Daycare of Burlington for hole sponsorship and door prizes.


Sunday, June 26, 2011

Premier Jewelry

I finally got around to checking my email and what a wonderful surprise I had waiting for me!  A wonderful women had sent us an email.  Long story short she had been praying Jeremy would find a family, and here we are!

Also, as her contribution to Jeremy's adoption she will be donating 100% of her sales to our adoption in July.  Then her team lead is doing the same!  WOW!  God is good!  So basically over 70% of each item's price will be donated right to Jeremy! 

Please consider having a book party!  This is such an amazing fund raising opprotunity for us.  It would be so easy to get a book and take it with you to work or where ever you go.  The jewelry is beautiful! 

LEAH ROHRBAUGH you are a gift to our family and to Jeremy's future!

Contact myself or Leah via facebook to get a book and help us with fundraising.  This is such an easy way to do it.  I understand how strapped for cash some people are who would like to help. 


Friday, June 24, 2011

Extra chromosome=orphanage

This is what kept our little Jeremiah from being deemed worthy by his culture.  An extra chromosome, that's all.  Since when does an extra chromosome mean that a child isn't worth your time? 

We love him more than words can say.  We haven't even got to meet him yet, but we love him none the less.  He and his little sister (hopefully) were both born with an extra chromosome and for some reason that makes them unworthy to stay with the family they were born into.  Sad isn't it?

You can help! 

Please please donate to help bring these kids into a loving family.  We are asking people for $20 donations.  Even in tough times.....follow your heart and give these kids the love they deserve.   We need 949 $20 donations.  Please share us on your facebook and from the mountain tops. If you know anyone who has large followings are has the ability to reach many, please let them know!  These small donations add up to a huge benefit for one, maybe two, children.



Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Bake sale and Craft stuff! 4th of July

So I'm trying my hand at some "crafty" sort of things.  Here is our beautiful model, Emerald, modeling the hats for our 4th of July Bake/Craft Sale.  We will have a booth at the West Burlington 4th of July festival.  So come on out and support us.  Please tell your friends too.

Had another fun day of doing home health care.  I am really starting to enjoy this new gig.  Still working in the ER part time too.  It's a nice contrast.

David had a good day home with the kids.  They have started their second session of swimming lessons.  Even if our schedule isn't "traditional," our family is truly blessed to provide a parent home with our kids MOST of the time.  We have recently been blessed with a sitter who has been wonderful with the kiddos.  She keeps them (and herself) entertained with all sorts of activities.  She has been an answered prayer for our family.  Thanks Linda for all you do.

This was what I did when I got home from work this afternoon.  They are "firework" pens.  The kiddos enjoyed watching Mommy fumble around and make them.  Hoping they all sell at our booth on the 4th.

If you have some crafts or baked goods to donate we would really appreciate it.  The more the merrier :)

It will be soooo wonderful to go to our annual 4th of July family reunion and introduce Jeremiah and maybe another little person to the extended family.  I just can hardly wait.  We keep holding on to faith that the Lord is working on people's hearts to donate $20. 

A friend told me the other night something that really hit home.  I just couldn't understand why some people have been so negative towards us for answering a calling.  Like he put it, some people have no idea what a calling is or what it's like to obey that which you have been called to do.  Some how that has brought a little peace to my heart.  But, it saddens me a little too, to have the reality that some people don't understand who God is or what His plan is for our lives is.  Each to their job is to love and that's what I am going to do.

Thanks to all you who have donated.  If I could let you inside our hearts and Jeremy's heart and feel the true gratitude I would.  How exciting it will be to give him his first hug from his Mom and Dad!



Sunday, June 19, 2011

A Father's Day Tribute to all the great dads in our life

World's Greatest Dad!
Here is an awesome father! Not only is he a WONDERFUL father to his two "biological" kids, he is an excited expecting daddy awaiting Jeremy!
This man does things most men wouldn't even think of doing for their kids.  He fills many rolls.  He does a good portion of our home schooling when I work.  He does a great job at laundry and cleaning.  He reads bed time stories. He fixes owies.  He fixes things around the house. He manages our rental property. He works every weekend at night, so that our kids can have a parent HOME with them 90% of the time.  We don't have "traditional" work schedules, but he sacrifices every day to make sure our kids have the best life we can provide for them.  I'm a little jealous sometimes at how much time he gets to spend with our precious cargo.  Jeremy has no idea what a wonderful daddy he has working hard to bring him home.

I love you David!  Happy Father's Day!  Thanks for all you do for our family!  You are the best dad and husband we could have ever been blessed with! Keep working hard!  We WILL get our little boy home! 

Here he is with his first born son! Jed.  I can't wait to have a picture of our boys together at home!
They were so proud of this fire truck because it was like "dad's" David went through a lot to get that truck that day.  Don't worry Jeremy, Dad will get you something cool soon!

Having a picnic.  Asparagus! One of our favs! See Jeremy there's room for you too!

Grandpa Choo Choo
Happy Father's Day!
He would say this is of his best side.  I just love this picture!  Jed and Ernie(Grandpa Choo Choo) share a deep love of trains.  He is one of the best grandpas around.  Other kids have come to know him as Grandpa Choo Choo!  We love you! Jeremy, Gramps can't wait to teach YOU all about trains!

How did he know just what she wanted?
Riding the Polar Express!  A favorite yearly outing with Grandpa Choo Choo!

And Finally, Grandpa Kelley
11/23/1949-02/06/2011 (super bowl Sunday)

Daddy words will never be able to describe just how much I miss you and love you.  The wound of your departure is still fresh.  I cry as I think about Jeremy never getting to meet you until the day we get to Heaven.  I know you would have been excited for us and our family.  You were an awesome dad.  I still find it hard to believe that you are really gone.  Today, Father's Day will be so hard not being able to see you and say I love you Daddy.  I was always your little girl and I will be in my soul forever and ever.  How can it be? I hope I can give April many memories of her daddy too.  I miss you soooo much! Someday we'll be able to embrace once again and I'll feel like your little girl.  I hope you are proud of us Dad, we are working really hard for another grandson for you.  Love, Forever and Allways your little girl XOXOXO

Waiting on a glass of ice tea to enjoy the day. 
Daddy and AJ-Jeremy's aunt!


Saturday, June 18, 2011

Addressing some questions.

This is the first picture we saw of Jeremy, we call it his mug shot.  We had no idea where he lived when we saw that photo.  All we saw was the little boy that God had hand picked for our family.  Jed's first words when I showed him Jeremy's picture were, "that's my brother!"  He didn't know that David and I had discussed adoption, he didn't know why we were looking at his picture.  He just knew.  His innocent little heart was directly and instantaneously spoke to by our Heavenly Father, that that was his brother! 

At the point it didn't matter if Jeremy lived across town or on the other side of the world.  A path had been put before us.  I liken it to looking up at a mountain.  You can see the peak, but you have no clue how you are going to get there except one foot in front of the other.  You may see the canyon up ahead, but can't see the bridge strewn across until you have enough faith and perseverance to get to the edge of that canyon.  There are brier patches all along the way.  The path is not flat and straight.  There will be blisters and tears, but all is for the ultimate reward awaiting at the summit!  

That is literally the picture in my mind through this journey.  I look back and see what I learned from stumbling over that stone.  I see the wasp nest that stung so hard and how to avoid it up ahead.  We learn from our mistakes, but most of all keep persevering toward a little boy who waits.

A little boy who waits to have one hug from his mommy.  A little boy who waits to hear a bed time story from his daddy.  A little boy who waits to ride bikes with his big brother.  A little boy who waits to be pushed higher and higher on a swing by his big sister.  A little boy who waits to play fetch with his dog.  A little boy who has nothing.  Who isn't deemed worthy of parental love in his society because when his DNA converged an extra chromosome got put in an unusual spot.  That chromosome has kept him from his ultimate dream......until now.

As hurtful as it is, I am not blind to the looks or deaf to the whispers.  We hear what people are saying.  But, we also know that it is hard to understand how a mother and father could fall in love with a little boy with special needs.  Fall in love with all what we mere humans call 'imperfections."  God doesn't make mistakes.  Jeremy was wove perfectly as intended. He will bless this world with all the gift he was given.  We will give him the love he deserves to flourish in this world.

Back in November 2010,  almost 5 months before we received a heavenly call to be Jeremy's mom and dad, we planned and promised a birthday get away for our kids.  Something we had dreamed of giving our kids since before they were born.  Our whole "family" made up of 11 people devised a plan to take a vacation to Florida.  We payed all of our non-refundable fees or (practically non-refundable) prior to Jeremy ever coming into our lives.  Did we, meaning David and I, feel guilty about taking such a "lavish" vacation? Sure. But, what were we to do break all 4 kids hearts that were going on this trip and then forfeit most of the money.  So we re-coordinated and figured out how to be as frugal as possible.  We literally fed 11 people for almost 4 days for $350.  We took coolers and water bottles.  We didn't buy souvenirs.  We went frugal.  And you know what?!  We had a great time.  But even though plenty of people said, no don't feel guilty, it is an experience for you kids.  But, come to find out others feel it would have been more responsible to forfeit the money and not go.  I struggle with it? How do you justify throwing all that money previously paid away and taking the experience away from all those people?  We are open to discussion, honestly.

At home, we have cancelled our cable, do not go out to eat other than maybe once a week $1 menu, MAYBE.  We are doing our very best to save as much as we can on our own.  We are very happy that thus far we have paid all the adoption expenses thus far without fundraising.  Everything we have fund raised has gone into a separate savings account.  That account equals $2500.  We add to it almost daily. 

Jeremy will have the opportunity to grow up and contribute to society.  He will have a job and pay taxes, just like you and me because he was given a chance at life.  If he stays where he is, he will be institutionalized.  The state who doesn't want him, will do the bare minimum to keep him alive and unfortunately, some kids don't live long in the institution.  It's just a reality.  Kids need love as much as they need food.  Jeremy will be part of a household that respects financial responsibility, pays taxes, has health insurance, is not on state aid.  These are assumptions some people have had, that some how he will automatically be on food stamps and state aid.  I had no idea! We had to prove our financial worthiness and health insurance to even be able to commit to him. 

Please if you are hesitant to help just talk to us.  We are happy to live in a glass house if that's what it takes to get our little boy home.  Once he's home, we got it.  We can take care of him. But, just like with any adoption there are hoops and fees.  His country is holding him ransom is the best word I can think of.  They call it a facilitation fee, $9000 facilitation fee.

Please email or comment.  We are pleading as parents to parents to please help give our son a chance at life.  What we need is a drop in the bucket on the grand scheme of things.  Wealthy people spend the kind of money that is life or death to Jeremy on a night out.  We are only asking for 1000 $20 donations.  A large pizza basically. 

Thank you so much to those who have supported us both financially and spiritually and with helping hands!  You know who you are!  May blessings be bestowed you and yours!


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

We need you!

Imagine that your parents never picked you up when you cried, never kissed you gently while they cradled you in their arms, never sang playful songs to make you laugh and were never by your bedside to comfort you when you were sick. Imagine what it would be like to grow up without any parents at all.

I found this quote at  How perfectly it describes our feelings. 

Us and Jeremy share something in common, dreaming of each other.  Every waking moment, from the moment we close our eyes, to the first hint of awakeness we have each other on our minds.  We are working so hard to bring you home little boy!

Realize this.  When we go to pick him up, and maybe his little sister, they will be handed to us in nothing but a pair of underwear.  So do you see when I say he has nothing it literally mean nothing.  We are rich folk, but we have EVERYTHING to him, the love of a family.

So donations..... WE NEED DONATIONS!!!!  There is just no way around it.  What would you do to save your child or grandchild?  Seriously, if everyone who has looked at this site would have donated just a dollar, we would be so much further along.   We are and will continue to contribute every single spare penny we have to saving our son from a life of an institution.

The institution is even lesser staffed than the baby houses.  One family literally found their little boy sitting in a shed rocking himself.  He had been there for a year.  Why? Because he needed leg braces to walk.  Something so simple for his family here to provide, but something his country would have never bothered giving him.  So he soothed his loneliness, sadness, and hunger for love by rocking.  Now that little boy is riding a bike and always has a huge smile on his face.  That little boy had people just like you contribute whatever they could and now he gets hugs daily from his mommy and daddy.

Please donate.  Believe me it is a whole new ball game to be on this end of giving.  We fell in love with this boy and will do anything to save him, including swallowing our pride and asking for money.  Yes money!  We need it to raise his ransom!  What would you do to save your child?  Seriously, if everyone who looked at this just gave a $1 we would be soooo much closer.  Please listen to your heart and give whatever you can. Even if it isn't comfortable.  Giving Jeremy a home is more satisfying that any meal out or merchandise.