Thursday, June 30, 2011

So much to do, so little time

I must say my body is starting to feel the effects of doing so much. We are working so hard to bring our Jeremy home.  Every night I sit at the computer to try and ramp up the fundraising, every morning off to work thinking about how to get our son home.  While doing dishes, thinking-What more can I do?  It truly is preoccupying my husband and I's thoughts continually.

We received a wonderful email from a mom who is in country. She told us wonderful things about our little boy.  I gotta admit I'm pretty jealous that she is getting to see him and play with him.  I just  hope he knows in his heart, how hard we are working.  I hope in his dreams his heart knows we are coming.  October is so close when you think of the money we need to raise, October is so far away when you think of how much his parents and brother and sister want him home! 

It still breaks our hearts to know that our little boy is receiving just enough to survive, he deserves enough to thrive.  Being born with an extra chromosome or other disability warrants these children to go to the baby house.  When he turns 4 he'll go to an institution, where even less will be offered to him.  All it takes is a little time and love for these little guys to thrive.  He will have every opportunity when he gets home with mom and dad.  He's going to learn to read, he's going to learn what it's like to wake up to the aroma of breakfast being cooked by his mommy.  When he wakes up in the middle of the night, his daddy will be there to comfort him.  He's got a big brother already so proud of him and can hardly wait to so him all his toys.  There's so many little things that most kids take for granted that Jeremy has never experienced!  Knowing that he won't have to wear girl clothes.....  I've seen so many pictures of little boys wearing girl clothes.  I've also seen the pictures of these "outcasts" gathering around small holes in the fences that keep them from society's view.  Gathering to get a glimpse of the world that has shunned them for their "disability."  These children deserve loving families not to be hidden from sight!

Thank you for your donations.  $20 isn't a lot in the grand scheme of things, but in our journey it is one step closer to the top of the mountain!

Please check out our golf outing post, we are still in need of a lot of sponsors to get the tournament off the ground. 


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Bring Jeremiah Home Golf Tournament!

August 20, 2011 Shaeffer's Golf Course!   9am tee off!

We are having a big benefit tournament, 4 men/women teams.  36 teams!

Here's what we need:
1. Corporate Sponsor $4000-will get a great big sign and advertisement, plus a large tax deductible donation, if a sponsor steps forth soon ALL fliers will state that the tournament is brought to them by said business.  This is a great way for a business to get some major advertisement as it will be in all the papers and such. A few businesses/people could share this sponsorship.

2. 18 entities to sponsor a hole for $100-advertisement and prizes associated with your name!

3. DOOR PRIZES!  Please spread the word.  Looking for great door prizes and also would like to have 144 of any item so that each and every golfer is guaranteed a gift for attending.

5. Sponsors for trophies-awarded to Best Ambulance Score, Best Fire Score, Best Church Score, Best Overall Score.

6. Donation of some good prizes, since most of our golfers will likely be men, looking for some manly gifts-drills, saws, sporting gear-get the idea?

We are awaiting one final phone call and then fliers will be going out to invite people to participate.  Hoping to offer an "all-inclusive" type registration that will include food and beverages at the event.

Please spread the word.  Ask any business owners you know to donate marketing merchandise.  It's a great way for the business to get advertisement and help out a wonderful cause.

My ultimate optimistic goal is to not only raise enough funds to bring Jeremy home, but to make a HUGE donation to Reece's Rainbow for more children to experience a mother's love.

Thanks to all you who have volunteered to help!  We may need a few more volunteers the day of the event, but mostly right now we need people to help beat the streets to get prizes and sponsors!

Thank YOU!!!!!

Thanks to Momentus Golf of Mount Pleasant, Federal Mogul of Burlington, Indian Hills Golf of Wapello for your donation of prizes. And Lil Cubbies Daycare of Burlington for hole sponsorship and door prizes.


Sunday, June 26, 2011

Premier Jewelry

I finally got around to checking my email and what a wonderful surprise I had waiting for me!  A wonderful women had sent us an email.  Long story short she had been praying Jeremy would find a family, and here we are!

Also, as her contribution to Jeremy's adoption she will be donating 100% of her sales to our adoption in July.  Then her team lead is doing the same!  WOW!  God is good!  So basically over 70% of each item's price will be donated right to Jeremy! 

Please consider having a book party!  This is such an amazing fund raising opprotunity for us.  It would be so easy to get a book and take it with you to work or where ever you go.  The jewelry is beautiful! 

LEAH ROHRBAUGH you are a gift to our family and to Jeremy's future!

Contact myself or Leah via facebook to get a book and help us with fundraising.  This is such an easy way to do it.  I understand how strapped for cash some people are who would like to help. 


Friday, June 24, 2011

Extra chromosome=orphanage

This is what kept our little Jeremiah from being deemed worthy by his culture.  An extra chromosome, that's all.  Since when does an extra chromosome mean that a child isn't worth your time? 

We love him more than words can say.  We haven't even got to meet him yet, but we love him none the less.  He and his little sister (hopefully) were both born with an extra chromosome and for some reason that makes them unworthy to stay with the family they were born into.  Sad isn't it?

You can help! 

Please please donate to help bring these kids into a loving family.  We are asking people for $20 donations.  Even in tough times.....follow your heart and give these kids the love they deserve.   We need 949 $20 donations.  Please share us on your facebook and from the mountain tops. If you know anyone who has large followings are has the ability to reach many, please let them know!  These small donations add up to a huge benefit for one, maybe two, children.



Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Bake sale and Craft stuff! 4th of July

So I'm trying my hand at some "crafty" sort of things.  Here is our beautiful model, Emerald, modeling the hats for our 4th of July Bake/Craft Sale.  We will have a booth at the West Burlington 4th of July festival.  So come on out and support us.  Please tell your friends too.

Had another fun day of doing home health care.  I am really starting to enjoy this new gig.  Still working in the ER part time too.  It's a nice contrast.

David had a good day home with the kids.  They have started their second session of swimming lessons.  Even if our schedule isn't "traditional," our family is truly blessed to provide a parent home with our kids MOST of the time.  We have recently been blessed with a sitter who has been wonderful with the kiddos.  She keeps them (and herself) entertained with all sorts of activities.  She has been an answered prayer for our family.  Thanks Linda for all you do.

This was what I did when I got home from work this afternoon.  They are "firework" pens.  The kiddos enjoyed watching Mommy fumble around and make them.  Hoping they all sell at our booth on the 4th.

If you have some crafts or baked goods to donate we would really appreciate it.  The more the merrier :)

It will be soooo wonderful to go to our annual 4th of July family reunion and introduce Jeremiah and maybe another little person to the extended family.  I just can hardly wait.  We keep holding on to faith that the Lord is working on people's hearts to donate $20. 

A friend told me the other night something that really hit home.  I just couldn't understand why some people have been so negative towards us for answering a calling.  Like he put it, some people have no idea what a calling is or what it's like to obey that which you have been called to do.  Some how that has brought a little peace to my heart.  But, it saddens me a little too, to have the reality that some people don't understand who God is or what His plan is for our lives is.  Each to their job is to love and that's what I am going to do.

Thanks to all you who have donated.  If I could let you inside our hearts and Jeremy's heart and feel the true gratitude I would.  How exciting it will be to give him his first hug from his Mom and Dad!



Sunday, June 19, 2011

A Father's Day Tribute to all the great dads in our life

World's Greatest Dad!
Here is an awesome father! Not only is he a WONDERFUL father to his two "biological" kids, he is an excited expecting daddy awaiting Jeremy!
This man does things most men wouldn't even think of doing for their kids.  He fills many rolls.  He does a good portion of our home schooling when I work.  He does a great job at laundry and cleaning.  He reads bed time stories. He fixes owies.  He fixes things around the house. He manages our rental property. He works every weekend at night, so that our kids can have a parent HOME with them 90% of the time.  We don't have "traditional" work schedules, but he sacrifices every day to make sure our kids have the best life we can provide for them.  I'm a little jealous sometimes at how much time he gets to spend with our precious cargo.  Jeremy has no idea what a wonderful daddy he has working hard to bring him home.

I love you David!  Happy Father's Day!  Thanks for all you do for our family!  You are the best dad and husband we could have ever been blessed with! Keep working hard!  We WILL get our little boy home! 

Here he is with his first born son! Jed.  I can't wait to have a picture of our boys together at home!
They were so proud of this fire truck because it was like "dad's" David went through a lot to get that truck that day.  Don't worry Jeremy, Dad will get you something cool soon!

Having a picnic.  Asparagus! One of our favs! See Jeremy there's room for you too!

Grandpa Choo Choo
Happy Father's Day!
He would say this is of his best side.  I just love this picture!  Jed and Ernie(Grandpa Choo Choo) share a deep love of trains.  He is one of the best grandpas around.  Other kids have come to know him as Grandpa Choo Choo!  We love you! Jeremy, Gramps can't wait to teach YOU all about trains!

How did he know just what she wanted?
Riding the Polar Express!  A favorite yearly outing with Grandpa Choo Choo!

And Finally, Grandpa Kelley
11/23/1949-02/06/2011 (super bowl Sunday)

Daddy words will never be able to describe just how much I miss you and love you.  The wound of your departure is still fresh.  I cry as I think about Jeremy never getting to meet you until the day we get to Heaven.  I know you would have been excited for us and our family.  You were an awesome dad.  I still find it hard to believe that you are really gone.  Today, Father's Day will be so hard not being able to see you and say I love you Daddy.  I was always your little girl and I will be in my soul forever and ever.  How can it be? I hope I can give April many memories of her daddy too.  I miss you soooo much! Someday we'll be able to embrace once again and I'll feel like your little girl.  I hope you are proud of us Dad, we are working really hard for another grandson for you.  Love, Forever and Allways your little girl XOXOXO

Waiting on a glass of ice tea to enjoy the day. 
Daddy and AJ-Jeremy's aunt!


Saturday, June 18, 2011

Addressing some questions.

This is the first picture we saw of Jeremy, we call it his mug shot.  We had no idea where he lived when we saw that photo.  All we saw was the little boy that God had hand picked for our family.  Jed's first words when I showed him Jeremy's picture were, "that's my brother!"  He didn't know that David and I had discussed adoption, he didn't know why we were looking at his picture.  He just knew.  His innocent little heart was directly and instantaneously spoke to by our Heavenly Father, that that was his brother! 

At the point it didn't matter if Jeremy lived across town or on the other side of the world.  A path had been put before us.  I liken it to looking up at a mountain.  You can see the peak, but you have no clue how you are going to get there except one foot in front of the other.  You may see the canyon up ahead, but can't see the bridge strewn across until you have enough faith and perseverance to get to the edge of that canyon.  There are brier patches all along the way.  The path is not flat and straight.  There will be blisters and tears, but all is for the ultimate reward awaiting at the summit!  

That is literally the picture in my mind through this journey.  I look back and see what I learned from stumbling over that stone.  I see the wasp nest that stung so hard and how to avoid it up ahead.  We learn from our mistakes, but most of all keep persevering toward a little boy who waits.

A little boy who waits to have one hug from his mommy.  A little boy who waits to hear a bed time story from his daddy.  A little boy who waits to ride bikes with his big brother.  A little boy who waits to be pushed higher and higher on a swing by his big sister.  A little boy who waits to play fetch with his dog.  A little boy who has nothing.  Who isn't deemed worthy of parental love in his society because when his DNA converged an extra chromosome got put in an unusual spot.  That chromosome has kept him from his ultimate dream......until now.

As hurtful as it is, I am not blind to the looks or deaf to the whispers.  We hear what people are saying.  But, we also know that it is hard to understand how a mother and father could fall in love with a little boy with special needs.  Fall in love with all what we mere humans call 'imperfections."  God doesn't make mistakes.  Jeremy was wove perfectly as intended. He will bless this world with all the gift he was given.  We will give him the love he deserves to flourish in this world.

Back in November 2010,  almost 5 months before we received a heavenly call to be Jeremy's mom and dad, we planned and promised a birthday get away for our kids.  Something we had dreamed of giving our kids since before they were born.  Our whole "family" made up of 11 people devised a plan to take a vacation to Florida.  We payed all of our non-refundable fees or (practically non-refundable) prior to Jeremy ever coming into our lives.  Did we, meaning David and I, feel guilty about taking such a "lavish" vacation? Sure. But, what were we to do break all 4 kids hearts that were going on this trip and then forfeit most of the money.  So we re-coordinated and figured out how to be as frugal as possible.  We literally fed 11 people for almost 4 days for $350.  We took coolers and water bottles.  We didn't buy souvenirs.  We went frugal.  And you know what?!  We had a great time.  But even though plenty of people said, no don't feel guilty, it is an experience for you kids.  But, come to find out others feel it would have been more responsible to forfeit the money and not go.  I struggle with it? How do you justify throwing all that money previously paid away and taking the experience away from all those people?  We are open to discussion, honestly.

At home, we have cancelled our cable, do not go out to eat other than maybe once a week $1 menu, MAYBE.  We are doing our very best to save as much as we can on our own.  We are very happy that thus far we have paid all the adoption expenses thus far without fundraising.  Everything we have fund raised has gone into a separate savings account.  That account equals $2500.  We add to it almost daily. 

Jeremy will have the opportunity to grow up and contribute to society.  He will have a job and pay taxes, just like you and me because he was given a chance at life.  If he stays where he is, he will be institutionalized.  The state who doesn't want him, will do the bare minimum to keep him alive and unfortunately, some kids don't live long in the institution.  It's just a reality.  Kids need love as much as they need food.  Jeremy will be part of a household that respects financial responsibility, pays taxes, has health insurance, is not on state aid.  These are assumptions some people have had, that some how he will automatically be on food stamps and state aid.  I had no idea! We had to prove our financial worthiness and health insurance to even be able to commit to him. 

Please if you are hesitant to help just talk to us.  We are happy to live in a glass house if that's what it takes to get our little boy home.  Once he's home, we got it.  We can take care of him. But, just like with any adoption there are hoops and fees.  His country is holding him ransom is the best word I can think of.  They call it a facilitation fee, $9000 facilitation fee.

Please email or comment.  We are pleading as parents to parents to please help give our son a chance at life.  What we need is a drop in the bucket on the grand scheme of things.  Wealthy people spend the kind of money that is life or death to Jeremy on a night out.  We are only asking for 1000 $20 donations.  A large pizza basically. 

Thank you so much to those who have supported us both financially and spiritually and with helping hands!  You know who you are!  May blessings be bestowed you and yours!


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

We need you!

Imagine that your parents never picked you up when you cried, never kissed you gently while they cradled you in their arms, never sang playful songs to make you laugh and were never by your bedside to comfort you when you were sick. Imagine what it would be like to grow up without any parents at all.

I found this quote at  How perfectly it describes our feelings. 

Us and Jeremy share something in common, dreaming of each other.  Every waking moment, from the moment we close our eyes, to the first hint of awakeness we have each other on our minds.  We are working so hard to bring you home little boy!

Realize this.  When we go to pick him up, and maybe his little sister, they will be handed to us in nothing but a pair of underwear.  So do you see when I say he has nothing it literally mean nothing.  We are rich folk, but we have EVERYTHING to him, the love of a family.

So donations..... WE NEED DONATIONS!!!!  There is just no way around it.  What would you do to save your child or grandchild?  Seriously, if everyone who has looked at this site would have donated just a dollar, we would be so much further along.   We are and will continue to contribute every single spare penny we have to saving our son from a life of an institution.

The institution is even lesser staffed than the baby houses.  One family literally found their little boy sitting in a shed rocking himself.  He had been there for a year.  Why? Because he needed leg braces to walk.  Something so simple for his family here to provide, but something his country would have never bothered giving him.  So he soothed his loneliness, sadness, and hunger for love by rocking.  Now that little boy is riding a bike and always has a huge smile on his face.  That little boy had people just like you contribute whatever they could and now he gets hugs daily from his mommy and daddy.

Please donate.  Believe me it is a whole new ball game to be on this end of giving.  We fell in love with this boy and will do anything to save him, including swallowing our pride and asking for money.  Yes money!  We need it to raise his ransom!  What would you do to save your child?  Seriously, if everyone who looked at this just gave a $1 we would be soooo much closer.  Please listen to your heart and give whatever you can. Even if it isn't comfortable.  Giving Jeremy a home is more satisfying that any meal out or merchandise.


Saturday, June 11, 2011

How do you eat an elephant? one spoonful at a time

Yes, the amount of money we need to raise in the next few months is as big as elephant.  We are trying every possible way we can think of to raise that money.  We have t-shirts, we have enchiladas, we have a target card up for raffle give away, heck, I've even offered to shave my head.  The only way this money is going to come is through donations.  We are both maxing out our hours at work so we can bring our little boy home. 

We need your help!  If everyone who has seen our blog and our story would have donated just $1, we would be almost $1500 closer.  If 1000 people would donate $20 we would be there!  So consider how many people you have on your face book.  Could you promote us and promote that $20 donation? Could you donate $10, $20, or even $50?  It's tax deductible! How much did you spend yesterday on a meal out instead of a peanut butter jelly sandwich?  Your whole family eating an inexpensive meal in and foregoing a night out, could give a child a mom and dad. 

There is a second child who we want to commit to.  She is a beautiful little girl.  We hesitate to commit due to our fund raising efforts being so slow at this point.

So think of this way.  Elephant $20,000 Spoon $1        

Please be our spoons!  Giving is a blessing.  Allow yourself to feel that blessing.


Friday, June 10, 2011

Now I gotta get twitter...

Last night a friend of a friend tweeted LL Cool J about our adoption, and he re-tweeted!  Then her post about me, steadily climbed to over 1000 hits.  I thought all night that maybe this is a breakthrough in making our miracle happen.  But, much to my surprise, absolutely no changes in donations.  This a.m.I have a new follower, YAY!

Let's keep the faith that all those people who now know about Jeremy will be touched by his picture and think about him over the next few days and feel convicted to give.

You had to be there though when the message from my friend Heather came through informing of LL's deed.  At first, I was just staring, I couldn't figure out what she meant.  Course 6 hours of sleep in 48 hours makes you, well ya know. Then DING, light bulb!  I said very loud, right in the middle of the ER, again very loud. -"Oh my God!"  Then I had every one's attention to say the least....  I couldn't believe it, but one person was like who's LL Cool J.  Oh my.....  But still it was fun through the night to see Heather posts of how many hits she was getting.  She's a rock star blogger!  This should help her following for sure!

So let's get Jeremy home.  I can't go into details right now.  Time is very very very urgent in getting our little man home  We implore you, please please please help.  Please share our cause.  Give whatever you can, again no gift is to small when it comes from the heart.


Thursday, June 9, 2011

I'm Published!

Ok, I'm a dork, but I'm giddy excited that I'm published.  Check it out here!  It's a really funny blog.  She will give you a chuckle or two to say the least.  I'm praying it helps bring the support in!  Every little bit helps, every single dollar add up.  I'm nervous and excited that I may have end up with short hair!....  Remember use Tax deductible button on this site or go here. When that grant reaches $20,000 I will lop it all off.

We had a great meeting with our pastors today.  I am feeling more encouraged after our conversation.  I will write more about that later. 

URGENT!!!!!!  We received word today that there are some laws potentially going into effect that could make it so we can't bring Jeremy home and that he will have to stay in the oprhanage/institution.  Us and many others have been instructed to step it up with the paper work.  We HAVE to hurrry!  So I am pleading with you to please donate.  The only gift too small is NOTHING.  I promise that we understand the economy is tight.  So if a $1 is what you have to give, we are grateful and Jeremy is grateful.  That $1 can help him have all he's ever dreamed of.


Monday, June 6, 2011

Blood is thicker than water, but LOVE is honey!

What a great day!  It started off a little less.....I made an oops.  Shoulda, woulda, coulda, but didn't realize.

  We signed up for swim lessons like forever ago and they were supposed to start today.  So my nephew is spending the first session of swim lessons with us (2weeks).  So his dad brought him down early this am to be here in time.  So we get all the kids swim suited, glopped with sunscreen, and in the van.  Even a few minutes early. We turn the bend to the pool and its desolate.  Uh oh....... 

Long story short public school is still in session so they postponed classes.  So now I have 3 little ones who are all geared up to swim and no where to go.  Thanks to my paramedic mind set of thinking on the fly.....plan B!

So we all go straight to the evil empire (Wal-Mart for those who don't know me).  Purchase a slip and slide and a quickie through Mcd's (super mom food).  We are trying desperately to not spend money...... but $40 later, happy kids minus the happy meal.  At one point we had 9 kids here!

Our good friend Audrey brought her kiddos over too.  We all had an awesome dinner of marinated chicken breasts on the grill, grilled zucchini, and cheesy potatoes.  If only Jeremiah was here......

I love having company!!!!!  I'm not the type of hostess that has pretty napkins and place mats.  Just a home and family environment to enjoy.  To me family is whoever is near.  Some of my closest "family members" are not related in any way shape or form.  But, they are my family. 

Thank you to all my "family."  God couldn't have given me a better one.  I just can't wait to get our kids home! 

So let's get that fund up to $20,000.  I'm gonna scare people being bald. Sigh-the things we do for our kids



ER story

Granted, I can't ever really publicly tell all the craziness, joy, and sadness I see in the ER BUT! I can tell of some of the humour we come up with to entertain ourselves.

Tonight, the rad tech asked me to lead up to help do an xray.  Then she says oh wait you can't help, you're pregnant!  There are several girls in our team that are pregnant currently.  So, well I've been dubbed pregnant, which gets several wide eyed looks. As a collaborative effort we've decided that I'm somewhere around 26 weeks pregnant.  I'm no skinny minnie, so it's believable. I'm happy to have joined the ranks.  Plus, its nice to have acceptance of the journey we are going through.  We have the same anticipation and fears as if we were pregnant.  We are so excited!  Our kids will have a brother from another mother.

Then the conversation went to predicting which type of dementia we were going to be.  Climbing into our crystal ball we all imagined.  Would I be the cookey lady who talks to aliens complete with tin foil hat, the mean lady who no one can please, the one who smears poo, or the one who deals viagra to the old men in exchange for snickers.  Well, it was decided....I would be the little old lady trading viagra for snickers since by then I'll surely be diabetic and my drug of choice is indeed food.  Therefore, I would do whatever it took to have my forbidden food.  Because you know those pesky nurses won't give me any.  Maybe you had to be there.....  I promise it was a group effort.  Lindsey you are awesome.  Thanks for the smiles at the end to a long shift.

So, I've decided that when our Tax Deductible fund hits $20,000 I'll be shaving my head.  Then Fred (our lab guy) and I can be twins!  That takes the stipulation of a single donor away and allows for a community effort.  Any one have any connections with some big names in the salon industry who would find it a fun cause?  Of course the hair will be donated.  So everyone wins.  Jeremy gets out of his orphanage and someone who has lost their hair gets pretty red hair.  Now here's a kicker.  There is talk in this family of bringing a second child home.  A little girl perhaps.  If that happens then the grant will need to reach $24,000 for a bald LouAnn.  Even my husband, who HATES it when I even mention cutting my hair, is totally on board. 

We need helpers and lots of them!  Spread the word let's make me bald!

Remember follow, comment, donate!


Sunday, June 5, 2011


I saw another RR mom refer to the money needed to bring one of these little angels home as a ransom.  I gotta say I agree.  These kiddos are not wanted in their society, yet it costs a kidney to bring them home. 

So as you may have seen we added a new donation giveaway for $125 Target card.  Who couldn't use that?

Remember we got enchiladas and tshirts for sale too. 

Please follow our blog, its just a few clicks.  It's so cool to see those followers adding up.  Also, I'm a glutton for feedback, so leave us a comment. 

I can feel the addictiveness of blogging setting in.  Those of you who know me well, know I can be full of useful information and opinions hee hee.  So if there is a subject you would find interesting let me know.

Here's a few things I'm considering writing a piece on-cloth diaper, recycling aluminum, cheap recipes, home schooling, being a good friend, unconditional love.....

Let me know what you think.  I should really go to bed and get ready for yet another fun filled day in the ER.  I can't lie, I love the ER and the ambulance, but I love being home too......ah the dilemma of a working mom. 

Looking forward to Monday when I get to see my niece and nephew!!!!  Oh yeah did I mention I was an only child till age 26 and my little sis is 5 and my husband is an only child.  Well, here's the answer blood doesn't define family.  Ooh that would make a good topic.

Night all, remember to donate, follow, and comment :)


Saturday, June 4, 2011

Morning already?

Oh man it's morning already!  But, today was like Christmas morning.  I got to wake up to a brand new blog!  Isn't it pretty.  Thanks to Heather

Ok, must get off computer, shower, put on uniform and get to work.  Ugh. 


Friday, June 3, 2011

The pressure is on, I'll shave my head if need be

I spoke (via email) with the Reece's Rainbow lady Andrea today.  Oh gracious, she wants us to be ready to travel in August.  Oh my oh my.  So that being said.....we have got to get this fund raising boat on the water and sailing. 

On facebook this am I said it and I mean it.  I will shave my head for $20,000 donation to Jeremy's grant.  That is the first individual or organized group of individuals who can get it done and I sorta need to know who you are, I will shave my head.  Then I will donate my really thick really long hair to locks of love or another wig organization.

I gotta tell you this is a new role for us.  We are used to being the ones who help, not the ones who need help.  Its sorta like when the health care provider becomes the patient.  It's a new ackward role. 

So any ideas on how to fund raise, we are open ears. 

If you know of a band let us know.  A friends suggested we do a wild game dinner in July along with the band and raffle.  Sounds sorta cool.  I will be sure to have spaghetti or something for the non-adventurous eater. 

Also, I will soon be a guest writer on a hillarious blog called My husband ate all my ice cream.  This gal is too funny.  She is a stay at home mom who uses blogging as a sanity outlet.  She has a lot of followers so hopefully that will help and help bring our blog followers up.  Check her out.

Thanks again everyone.  Please order enchiladas! Time is running out.