Why We Do It

An answer from Sarah at Along the Road:

I could go on and on about this being my calling, something I've known is in my future since I was a kid, having a special education background... yeah, adoption has always been in the cards.
I could recite and list all the Bible scriptures that specifically command us to care for three groups of people: orphans, widows, and the alien (strangers.) I could say that we as Christians are specifically commanded to involve ourselves in providing for these people.
Because that's all true.

But as for now? As for why Elisha?

It's simply this. God showed her to me. He told me her name. He told me she is our daughter. He told me to fight for her.
And I thought, why not?
Because our bank account is low? She has nothing.
Because our house is too busy already? She has nothing.
Because we want our kids to be able to have "stuff" that kids "deserve"? She  has   NOTHING.

So granted that is another mom speaking of her daughter, but plug in him for her and son for daughter and you get the idea. 

We want to be this little man's home, his soft place, his family, his real family.  It's so hard to think that there are so many kids who were simply abadoned.  They call this an orphanage, but so many of these kids weren't orphans, they were just different "imperfect", "special needs" "a burden to society"  THESE ARE LIVES! These are little boys and girls that need parents not nannies or workers.

In a letter from Reece's Rainbow to us thanking us for taking this journey "We know this ministry is making a true difference. June of 2011 marks our 5-year anniversary! The advocacy efforts and available adoption grants of Reece’s Rainbow have brought more than 500+ waiting orphans with Down syndrome and other special needs out of foreign orphanages and mental institutions into loving, “forever families” in the US and Canada. More than $1,500,000 has been disbursed to make this possible. Money is the ONLY thing standing between the families and these children. Thank you for being part of this life-changing opportunity!"

Thank you to each and everyone of you who have supported us with your own time, talents, thoughts, and prayers.