Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Winner winner winner!!!

The Nookcolor winner is the one and only Rose Pohlpeter from Fort Madison, Iowa!  She was selected using random.org.  The Fort Madison kids are cleaning up on the giveaway prizes.

Thank you so so so much to all of you that contributed!  This giveaway added $310 to the adoption fund! 

I just can't say thank you enough!  I hope one of the first English words Jeremiah learns after Mommy I love you is Thank You! 

I ended up drawing 3 hours early.....I hope that's ok.  There will be more giveaway drawings to come!

Pizza Hut

Thanks to all those that came out to Pizza Hut tonight!  If my calculations are correct.....we made $875ish dollars! 

A very special thanks to Heather Goetsh, Melissa Moyers, Jennifer Johnson, and Sara Kirchner for helping us to wait tables!  With out you guys this fund raiser wouldn't have happened!

I will be drawing for the Nook soon!  I can't wait to see who the winner is!

So just to keep you updated on the financial part of this journey.

Commitment to Jeremiah $1300 paid by us
Certified copies of birth certs, marriage licenses, and passports $500 paid by us
$850 home study paid by us
Next step is $1000 to USCIS

Then on to the big stuff flights approx. $4000, Government fees approx $10,000, living while we are there, not sure on cost of that yet.  Dossier fees, appostilling, etc.  I'm thinking $1500 (peanut gallery?)

I know I'm missing some of the costs just because I don't have it all right in front of me. 

So that leaves right around $21,000 left to raise before September.  The Lord will provide!

If you live in the Mount Pleasant area or Des Moines area.  We are selling homemade enchiladas!  $20 for a dozen of Beef, $15 for a dozen of veggie, $21 for half and half.   People in Southeast Iowa can expect to receive theirs around June 14th.  Des Moines area will be around June 26th.  Email me and I will let you know how to order and pay.

Thanks again to all of you who read this and have promoted us on facebook!  Please keep up the good work. 

Tonight is the Night!

I know its silly, but I am extremely nervous for tonight!  I just pray for God's bountiful blessing to find us tonight.  Jeremiah is a blessing and I can't wait for him to bless our house hold and family.

For all of you supporting from afar please say a prayer in agreement with someone that the Lord brings down his bountiful blessing!

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Paper work!

Oh boy, so now the real paper work starts.  We just got off the phone with our Reece's Rainbow helper.  We are hoping that we will be able to submit our $1000 to the USCIS on Wednesday.  So please pray our benefit goes very well on Tuesday.

Now we get to go back and ask our employers, doctors, and county accessor to write another letter, signed in blue ink in a certain format to verify things we had them verify once for the home study.  Please pray for understanding and speeding processing.

It's really real! There is so much to do, but one paper at a time we will get it complete.

Stressful but worth all of it!

Now the money needs to roll.....

Monday, May 23, 2011

Home Study #2

Well, we had our in home home study yesterday!  I survived and the house was clean enough apparently. :) David's fingerprints were rejected for quality.  So there goes another 3 weeks just to get through the first hoop.  Oh well, more time to fund raise and chase paper.

Our pastor said to say "The Lord will provide for all my needs according to His riches and glory" over our finances as we pay bills, etc.  Every time I send  an email or correspondence in hopes of a donation I am saying this prayer.  It is hard to keep faith that the Lord will provide for Jeremiah's home coming. 

I appreciate the kind words.  I am praying that our message falls on the right ears.  I know there is someone out there who is just looking to make a large donation to a cause. 

Please every one pray.  We are rolling with the punches and trying to adapt as quick as the changes come.

Our little Eme is going to be 6 in a few days!  It's so hard to believe my little beautiful baby is turning 6!  Where does time go?

Thanks to all of you!  I love seeing the followers grow and seeing the comments!

Monday, May 16, 2011


Yay! We now have t-shirts available to help with our fundraising efforts! 

Each shirt is $15 Sizes Adult S-XL $17 2XL-4XL. Adult sizes up to10XL are available for special order.
Please allow 10 days for processing. Use the paypal button to order.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Passports are here!

Whoo hoo the Passports came in the mail!  Yay! One more check off the list.

Now after a nice holiday, back to the grind stone of fundraising.  We are trudging through the sand. 

Thanks to everyone who has supported us financially.  Please please please spread the word, there is a long road ahead and lots more dollars to come up with.

The kids continue to be super excited about a new child being added to our family.  David and I are still very excited.  The money stress is a lot, but with the Grace of God this will happen. 

We met with the Moose Lodge in Mount Pleasant and will be doing some sort of benefit there this summer.  That should prove to be a lot of work and a good time.

MpNews will be meeting with us on Tuesday.  That should help to spread the word about the Pizza Hut buffet fundraiser.

Have a great day everyone!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Home Study #1 complete

Pheeeeew! First home study appointment is over!  It wasn't nearly as stressful as I had imagined it to be.  LOL! Our sw was nice enough to hold our check until we can gather a few more dollars thankfully!  My father in law was gracious enough to stay with the kids in the children's area of the library we met at.  What a big help that was, and what a gorgeous library West Des Moines has!

After our home study we went to the Iowa State Capitol in Des Moines.  My cousin Dan Kelley is a representative for Jasper County Iowa. He gave us a very nice tour and some awesome souvenirs.  It makes me proud that I have a family member working for us. 

While we were there, we got to speak with Dave Heaton, he's the rep for our county.  We invited him to the Pizza Hut fundraiser.  He sounded like he just might come!  How cool would that be!

So now we start to gather the paper and funds for the next step with immigration.  It will be around $1000.  Sigh.  Wow this is expensive.

Throughout the interview process with our social worker it became even more apparent to us why God chose Jeremy to be ours.  It's more than I can type or publish, but many of our life experiences are going to be excellent resources to help Jeremy, Emerald, and Jedidiah to become productive citizens and followers of the Lord.

Our son continues to ask, "When do I get my brother?!" Oh he's such a sweet boy.  He said to me the other night, I can't wait for Jeremiah to get here so I can teach him how to do the right thing.  Ah the innocent love of a child. 

Thank you all for your support.  Please continue to spread the word of our blog and send the prayers up for us and all the other families in this process.

Winner winner winner

Jennifer Johnson from Fort Madison, Iowa is the winner of the McDonald's extra value meal!  Her entry was picked by the random number generator at random.org.  Thanks to all who partcipated! 

Sunday, May 1, 2011


Our newest giveaway is for a NOOKcolor.  Think Kindle, NetBook, and Android tablet in one.  We are hoping this really takes off.

Today the local newspaper published our story.  Crossing fingers and praying it touches people and that will help out to bring our little guy home to a real family.

I showed up to my part time job this morning only to find out there was a glitch in the scheduling and basically I wasn't needed.  So that was not how I had my day planned.  Thankfully one of my other jobs had a person working who was happy to have the beautiful day off.  So I still get to make some money today, someone who wanted the day off got it, and my sitter is happy to have the $ she was planning on.  And well I'll be home a little earlier today.  We'll take the time to go visit my grandma tonight.

Last night, I had the pleasure to announce the Go Kart races in Farmington Iowa at Shimek Speedway.  It was a lot of fun.  If you are looking for some inexpensive entertainment on a Saturday night come on out.  For those of you who know me personally, think about me on a tower with a microphone! Look out world you can hear me now! Wish I could have a world microphone sometimes.  Bambi has been gracious enough to agree to make donations to Jeremy's grant every time I announce!  So it's a win win kind of deal.

Stay tuned for upcoming giveaways there's some great stuff coming up!  But we gotta get the NOOK and McDonald's cards drawn for! 

Thanks again to every one who is supporting us in every way.  We really appreciate it.  And a little boy sitting in an orphanage without a mommy will have hugs everyday soon because of your help!  Your financial contribution is literally providing a home to an otherwise unwanted child.