Friday, January 16, 2015

Long enough to write again

The journey that had an unexpected end.
For those of you who know us in real life know what happened with Jeremy. 
As my last post spoke of, his country change the laws mid-adoption.  Around the time we were able to really pick up and start over, since most of our paperwork was no longer valid, we got word that he had been adopted in country by a Ukranian family.
This is totally a bittersweet end.  He was our boy in our hearts, but God had other plans for him.  No matter what and bottom line he ended up in a family.  Our prayer is that he ended up in a family that loves him even more than we did and would have.
The morning I got the emailed, I sobbed and sobbed, loudly I might add.  The other kids were worried about what had happened, I told them why I was crying and of they began to cry. 
We all loved this little boy more than words could have expressed.  The region his orphanage was in, is the region where there is a lot of unrest.
So now we move on with our lives with Jeremy in our hearts rather than our arms.  Having experienced miscarriages this is not a feeling we are strangers to.  We have been blessed with bio kids that we hug and kiss every day, but our kids that we won't ever hug and kiss are still in our hearts and minds.
Through the adoption journey we learned a lot.  About faith, about humanity (and the lack thereof), about letting go, and a few other things that I'm not quite ready to make public.
If you are wondering what happened to the money in our FSP that you donated, please feel blessed to know that it went to another family who rescued a little girl from Russia before those doors slammed shut.  Her mother and I are now Facebook friends, and its absolutely wonderful to watch her grow and progress.  The real blessing is in the giving, not the receiving. The FSP $ meant mountains to that family and it was truly amazing to transfer that joy.
For some reason whenever our family started to support another families adoption, things picked up and started going well, but when our family tried to adopt, it felt as if doors slammed in our faces often.  It was truly a lesson in following God's path and purpose.  Jeremy's Journey was not an accident or a mistake, but a perfectly placed chapter by the one we worship.
Thanks for being supportive and please find another family to support.  The blessing is truly in the giving.