Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Pizza Hut

Thanks to all those that came out to Pizza Hut tonight!  If my calculations are correct.....we made $875ish dollars! 

A very special thanks to Heather Goetsh, Melissa Moyers, Jennifer Johnson, and Sara Kirchner for helping us to wait tables!  With out you guys this fund raiser wouldn't have happened!

I will be drawing for the Nook soon!  I can't wait to see who the winner is!

So just to keep you updated on the financial part of this journey.

Commitment to Jeremiah $1300 paid by us
Certified copies of birth certs, marriage licenses, and passports $500 paid by us
$850 home study paid by us
Next step is $1000 to USCIS

Then on to the big stuff flights approx. $4000, Government fees approx $10,000, living while we are there, not sure on cost of that yet.  Dossier fees, appostilling, etc.  I'm thinking $1500 (peanut gallery?)

I know I'm missing some of the costs just because I don't have it all right in front of me. 

So that leaves right around $21,000 left to raise before September.  The Lord will provide!

If you live in the Mount Pleasant area or Des Moines area.  We are selling homemade enchiladas!  $20 for a dozen of Beef, $15 for a dozen of veggie, $21 for half and half.   People in Southeast Iowa can expect to receive theirs around June 14th.  Des Moines area will be around June 26th.  Email me and I will let you know how to order and pay.

Thanks again to all of you who read this and have promoted us on facebook!  Please keep up the good work. 

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