Sunday, May 1, 2011


Our newest giveaway is for a NOOKcolor.  Think Kindle, NetBook, and Android tablet in one.  We are hoping this really takes off.

Today the local newspaper published our story.  Crossing fingers and praying it touches people and that will help out to bring our little guy home to a real family.

I showed up to my part time job this morning only to find out there was a glitch in the scheduling and basically I wasn't needed.  So that was not how I had my day planned.  Thankfully one of my other jobs had a person working who was happy to have the beautiful day off.  So I still get to make some money today, someone who wanted the day off got it, and my sitter is happy to have the $ she was planning on.  And well I'll be home a little earlier today.  We'll take the time to go visit my grandma tonight.

Last night, I had the pleasure to announce the Go Kart races in Farmington Iowa at Shimek Speedway.  It was a lot of fun.  If you are looking for some inexpensive entertainment on a Saturday night come on out.  For those of you who know me personally, think about me on a tower with a microphone! Look out world you can hear me now! Wish I could have a world microphone sometimes.  Bambi has been gracious enough to agree to make donations to Jeremy's grant every time I announce!  So it's a win win kind of deal.

Stay tuned for upcoming giveaways there's some great stuff coming up!  But we gotta get the NOOK and McDonald's cards drawn for! 

Thanks again to every one who is supporting us in every way.  We really appreciate it.  And a little boy sitting in an orphanage without a mommy will have hugs everyday soon because of your help!  Your financial contribution is literally providing a home to an otherwise unwanted child.

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