Saturday, April 30, 2011

Generating RR parents

What a great night! A night of grilling, kids playing in the yard, and moms gabbing! The kids and I went to visit Timothy and his family.  They are one of the real reasons we started this journey.  It was exciting to be able to banter about adoption, cooking, kids.  We even got to sneak away for a few and go to the grocery store.  Interesting how as you get older and add kids to the mix that a trip to the grocery store with a girlfriend qualifies as a social event.

Yesterday was my turn to go to the doctor.  Just happy that's over with and that I have my "you're healthy enough to adopt a child" letter.

Our story wasn't in The Hawkeye today, so that makes me HOPE that it runs tomorrow.  Pray that it generates the type of support we really need.

The Ladies of the Moose in Mount Pleasant are meeting with us on May 13th.  I hope that works out good too.

I was so excited to see on facebook that close friends of ours are now considering adopting through Reece's Rainbow.  It's amazing how God is finding these beautiful children homes!  It's not something that you wake up one day and think hey I'm going to do this.  It's a whisper you hear when visiting the website.  So far all of  you out there who have or are embarking on this journey, YOU are the microphone that makes HIS whisper heard.

Thank you to everyone who reads our blog.  Please consider becoming a follower and please share it with others.  And as always, thank you for the support!

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  1. We had FUN too!! It really is funny how our idea of "fun" changes as we get older! hehe We need to make it a regular thing... great for the kiddos, better for the moms (& dads when they can come too hehe)! :)