Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Will this be the week?

I think we finally have everything to send to USCIS.....I think.  I'm working nights all this week so my wonderful husband will be scanning documents for approval and hopefully sending them off for the "real" waiting.

NO registrations for the golf tournament.  Sorta hard to believe.  It seemed like such a great idea, even had a couple people offer to help.  We got a few donations from businesses.  The next task will be to contact those businesses and see if they want their donation back since the golf tournament didn't fly.   We need to have something locally again as we do still have things that were donated for prizes or auction items.

Over labor day we will be having a BIG garage sale.  Please donate your "junk" to be someone else's treasure and also Jeremy's ticket home.  Also, if you have tables that we could borrow we need those too.

http://buildingourvillage.blogspot.com/  Check this out!  This family just adopted from Jeremy's orphanage.  Its a good look at where our little guy is and that the process does indeed come to an end finally and that they DO come home eventually.

Well this was the week to start school.  We have done two days worth of home school.  I am amazed at what they have retained from last year.  But, am confused by what they didn't retain.  Just the dynamic nature of us humans.  They were so excited to start school, and well so was mom, that we just decided to start.  I am working a lot of nights in the upcoming weeks, so I guess now was as good as ever. 

If you are a home school family or would enjoy learning history with your family check out the BIBLIOPLAN button on the lower left of the blog.  We already had a history curriculum given to us for this year, but I foresee using it in the future.  The curriculum was written by a fellow Reece's Rainbow family.

Thanks to all of you who read this.  It has been wonderful hearing that people do indeed read our blog.  One of my favorite movies is Julie and Julia, I often feel like Julie in the beginning.  Does anyone read this?  But, ever so gradually I "meet" you as readers.


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