Saturday, August 6, 2011

Home study, still a work in progress

We thought we had our home study all done ready to send off.....well think again.  It is really close was just missing a few little things, so soon very soon, we will be sending that off!  USCIS already has our check and cashed it quickly so once they get the home study the next step takes around 2 months or so.  Then we have been told, hold on because everything really moves quickly then.  Well, let's just hope that the fund raising goes as fast.

Still hoping to get this golf tournament off the ground. 

It's a beautiful day out!  We had 7 kids in this house last night for supper and over night.  It was amazing.  I love having that many mouths to feed and interact with.  If we had the house and the means, it would be a blessing to me to have a large family. :)  The boys had a "breakfast picnic" this morning, they all said it was a first.

Our baby boy Jedidiah is going to be 5 tomorrow.  So hard to believe.....  Also, remembering being very pregnant and working on the ambulance in this lovely Iowa August heat. 


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