Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Hawkeye is coming!

I am so excited and scared and nervous and thankful and oh my!  The Hawkeye will be here soon to interview us, yes us!  Oh my.  I broke out the ol makeup and everything.  Does make up expire?

So we did a whirlwind cleaning on the house.  Hopefully they don't look to hard. 

Pray for us everyone that this publicity will help bring Jeremiah home a little easier and hopefully many other boys and girls through Reece's Rainbow.


These are the boys that we want to have homes soon!  If we could we would bring them all home.
Timothy of course started our journey.  But, it was sweet Jonah who led us to buckle down and get serious.  We were going to commit to him, but he had another family who was in the process.  For some reason that family wasn't able to commit to him.  By then we had already commited to Jeremiah.  God wanted us to have Jeremiah, but Jonah still holds a piece of my heart.  Pray he finds a home.  Tanner would do so well here in the states.  Dialysis is in his future.  Tanner has nearly all his funds raised for him!  He just needs a mommy and daddy soon!

Thank you everyone once again.  Please help us to see those donation numbers go up fast!  We have a long road ahead.  Don't forget just $1 could win you the mcdonald's meal!

Thank you thank you

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