Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A positive day

I had the most positive response yet from my co-workers yesterday.  It was amazing how supportive and positive people were being.  At one of the places I work, you are allowed to send out a mass email to the "sales" group when you have a fundraiser or something to get rid of.  It's like a constant e-flee market that nearly all the employees participate in.  With in minutes of having sent the email, I had people inquiring and wanting to buy enchiladas!  It was a boost of encouragement. 

Later in the evening, I was looking through the paper and well, I'll admit it, I usually read my horoscope.  I don't live for it, but when it's there, hey I'll read it :)  Here's what it said "Fundraising will go well today.  If you join efforts with others, you might see new uses for things...."  WOW! too weird that it was right on today.

We had good news. We probably have renters for our rental house!  Even though we can't seem to sell it!  But these folks don't mind that its on the market!  Praise the Lord!

The kids got a clean bill of health and a letter to prove it.  David and I sat down and filled out the "questionnaire" for our home study.  I'm a nervous nellie over this home study.  The thought of every part of our lives being questioned and evaluated.  *shivers*  But, bottom line I know we are good parents and that is what counts!


  1. You are both great parents! I'm so excited for you guys to adopt this little boy! We are praying like crazy that the money comes in for him to have a family!! :) Much love to you guys! <3

  2. Ok... say it with me... I have nothing to worry about... Carla ROCKS! LOL You will do just fine! Hey, you have seen my house... if WE can "pass"... hehe Call me if you need anything!