Sunday, July 31, 2011

Ask and you shall receive

I had someone ask for us to put up a thermometer to show the progress we are making. So you will see it on the left hand side of the home page now.

Keep in mind, that it does not include all the money that we have spent to make fundraisers happen and such.  For instance we bought all the ingredients and packaging for the enchiladas which was around $450.  Then figure in mileage, time, electricity for stove, etc.  We had rock stars help us make them and then also people who helped transport them back to Des Moines and Fort Madison. 

So we keep trudging along little by little everything helps.  So please continue to help spread the word!  826 more $20 donations if I don't include passport and document money, 801 more $20 if I do, either way we are getting closer!

Thanks for your help.  We have lots of maybes for the golf tournament, but no one has stepped up and registered.....a little nervous about that to say the least.


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