Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Recently I have been doing a lot of reading about to eat healthy and even organic on a tight budget.  Tonight I stumbled across Heavenly Homemakers.  It's nice to know that there are others out there who share my faith and my passion for the Earth the Lord gave us to steward.  One particularly cool thing is the Heavenly Homemakers will be the host of an awesome give away, a Nutrimill grain grinder, a pricey piece of essential equipment for a kitchen that prepares real food.  So if that trips your trigger as much as it does mine check it out here.

There is a book out there called Learning to Cook, I was soooo tempted to buy it for a certain reader :) 

Check out www.cookingforgood.com  Here you can see how to eat healthy organic meals and feed a family of 4 for under $100 a week. 

What really started my reading was www.100daysofrealfood.com  This family took a pledge to feed their family only real food for 100 days and then another challenge to feed their family real food on a food budget less than food stamps in their area.  Very interesting.

On another note, please pray for us to find a solution to our child care needs.  We have a wonderful friend 35 miles from us who is always willing to watch our little people, but it is a less than ideal solution with the drive as you can imagine.  I truly have it in my heart as the days go by to be a mostly at home mom.  There are some real big prayers to be answered in order for that to happen.  This week I don't really feel like a mom, I feel more like the lady that arranges for transportation and the like.  This week shall end. But, I must reiterate how thankful I am that we have a overly adequate roof, good vehicles, plenty of food, health insurance, and no overdue bills.  There are so many out there right now that are struggling and we really aren't one of them.  We have all our needs met. 

The adoption is an odd spot right now.  Some of our paper work is fixing to expire.  We have been told to get all of our ducks in a row and finished up because when its go time its go right now time.  It's a faith tester because the money isn't there and its hard to be motivated to run as fast as we can to the finish line when all we see is a cliff.  Well, I'm not really sure what to do with that.

I took care of a little boy the other day who looked sooooo much like Jeremy.  It was sorta hard.  I picture him wearing the pajamas that are sitting on the dresser, I picture him at the table with his brother and sister.  We have given this to God, HE is the only one who can make this happen. 

While watching the show "The Business of Being Born" one of the ladies said labor became so much easier after she just gave in to the pain and that it wasn't going to end.  In some ways, that's how I feel, I've given it to God.  I will keep doing my part, but I'm going to quit fighting with some of the emotions.  It's all in His timing and His perfect plan.  We surely don't have all the answers other than there is a little boy on the other side of the world who has a seat at our table.


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