Sunday, September 25, 2011

White chili and strawberry bread

Home made yogurt
I just can't help but pretty!

Today was a white chili sort of day.  We had had plans to have supper with some friends tonight so I made A LOT!  Well, dinner plans fell through and after we ate there was a one and half crockpots full of white chili.  So good thing it was good, cuz we'll be having it again and again....thank goodness for freezers.

One of the quart jars of yogurt became strawberry today.  Some of the other strawberries became strawberry applesauce bread and some became a strawberry kiwi smoothie.  Since we have been eating more whole foods it's amazing how much our taste buds have adapted and things like stawberries, yams, and squash taste sweet without piles of sugar.  Amazing!

Trying so hard not to be discouraged, our grant hasn't moved in about a month.  We have depleted our own savings.  I just wonder what will happen when we get a travel date.  Trying very hard to keep our chins up and smile when our kids ask when their brother is coming home. 

Please consider how much a small piece of your wants vs needs budget can mean. 

If any one has any odd jobs that could be accomplished by myself or handyman/mechanic hubby, please let us know. 


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