Thursday, September 22, 2011

A VERY early morning tomorrow!

That's right tomorrow we are getting up at 4am and will be out the door by 5am to go to our USCIS fingerprinting session! Then, we will drive the 2.5 hours back and do some tag team sleeping before we both work an overnight 12 hours shift tomorrow!  Thank you to Ms. thejoyofwhatis, our littles will be entertained and spoiled while we work.  Not sure what we would do without this fellow Reece's Rainbow mom.  She and her family have been so helpful in our journey.

Now $$$$$ we need lots of you and soon!  It is keeping us from our son! 

I received a wonderful adoption gift and poem in the mail a few days ago.  It will soon be part of this blog.  But for now.....


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  1. Our son has it in his head that we are going to Des Moines tomorrow to get Jeremy. Poor little guy was deflated when we said no that's not why, just one more step.