Sunday, July 24, 2011

Back at it

I have been avoiding the computer and blog for a little while.  Sometimes you just wonder what there is to write about.  I'm never sure if people want to hear about what's going on in our lives, or if they just want to hear about how the adoption is going.  As far as the adoption, we are still praying for $ to land in the right spot.  Our homestudy is complete so now on to the second step with USCIS. 

We have received lots of pictures from a family that was at Jeremy's orphanage.  It is just so amazing how precious stories and pictures of him are.  I liken it to the ultrasound pictures in a way.  You know the baby is in there, but then you get to see him and it just changes everything.

Still working on the golf tournament.  Still need teams to register and sponsorship. So please keep spreading the word. 

Also, the tshirt design that we have is now available on a reusable shopping bag.  I hope to get some sort of picture up to market those a little better.

I would love to hear from those of you who read this blog through comments or through the blog email.  I just wonder what you think we could do to improve our fund raising efforts. 

Also, what would you like to read about on the blog?  Like do you want to know the tooth fairy will be visiting our house tonight for the first time ever?  Do you want to know that we rented our rental house finally!? Do you want to know about the cool present my mom gave me or the experience my best friend facilitated for our family?  Ya know those sort of things.

Well until next time.  Love on the ones you love and pay it forward.



  1. I don't know if it's allowed, but I'd love to see the new photos of Jeremy. :)
    The golf is a fantastic idea... it seems like a lot of work, though. Have you thought about doing one of the ipad give-aways in the meantime? They seem to do pretty well. Some people set reserves on them to make sure they make enough money to make it worth it and cover the ipad.
    I've seen people sell crafty things, like soap, kids' aprons, kid's costumes, and so forth. If you don't make them maybe a relative or friend would donate them for you to sell? I've seen people link the friends' etsy shops on their blogs, with a note that x% of the proceeds from any sales will go to the adoption (if your friends are willing). I personally love shopping for crafts to support adoptions! Anyhow I just wanted to let you know I follow your blog and really admire your efforts, it has got to be hard. I hope some of the suggestions are helpful.

  2. Pssst.... I gave your blog an award. Come snag it here: