Friday, July 8, 2011

The reality

We have continued to get new pictures of Jeremy on almost a daily basis!  It's just so exciting and encouraging every time we see a new picture of our boy!  It helps us to realize what we are working so hard for.

Our bake sale went well as I said earlier. But, I thought I would share what I said to people as they glanced as they walked by and then what I said to help them understand.  As they would walk and grumble, bake sale, I would smile and say Good Morning We are working hard to bring our son home.  Puzzled....they would walk over and begin to read the sign.  Then, I would say Jeremy was born into a culture that when a child is born with a disability they do not go home with mommy and daddy, they go to an orphanage.  We are going to be his mommy and daddy. 

I just don't understand.  As a mom, I would have loved my baby to the end of the Earth even if they were born purple with 8 legs.  It's just hard for me to understand.

I have heard over and over, why international why not take care of our own.  We do take care of our own.  Children with disabilities have an amazing life when you compare them to other children across the world.  Even the poorest, have it better. In this country, no matter your disability you receive love and an education. 

At age 4, special needs CHILDREN go to an adult institution.  I just don't know how better to explain the tragedy of that.  Imagine a little 4 year old boy sent into a setting of minimally supervised, 100% uneducated, special needs men!  I mean really the injustice.  It's a harse reality, but many do not survive long in an institution.

So we ask, keep Jeremy out of an institution.  Give him what he dreams of! $20 is all we are asking from everyone.  What have you spent $20 on lately that could even come close to comparing what this $20 means?  This isn't money for us, this is money for Jeremy.  Your $20 could make one less orphan.
My new favorite picture of little Jeremy!
Jeremiah 1:5 "I knew you before I formed you in your mother's womb.  Before you were born I set you apart and appointed you as my prophet to the nations."

God doesn't make mistakes.  Jeremy was born perfect.  And now he's going to be a perfect addition to our family with your help.



  1. I just dont understand people is it better for a child to suffer without a family then to be in one??people please give that 20 wont even miss it but a child will live for it!!