Saturday, July 9, 2011

No Impact Man is crazy and we're crazy

I don't know how in the world I had never seen it before, but last night I watched No Impact Man.  As many people know I am a bit of a closet environmentalist.  I am a Christ forgiven lover of responsible environmental practices.  Politically, it seems backwards I know.  But the Earth was given to us by God as I believe and therefore we should be responsible to take care of it as the one's He created to be the stewards of this Earth.

Well anyway back to why I am blogging about this.  Throughout the movie the family who lived for a year with minimum impact on the environment got much criticism for going against the popular consumer driven/selfish people in their lives.  There were so many moments that paralleled our own journey.  We are going against the tide and doing something that many know is right.  But, because they themselves don't feel they could make such a sacrifice for the greater good project that onto us and call us crazy.  Many try to find some alternative motivation. 

Granted it's frustrating.....but from the beginning I saw what a road this would be.  It's not all just about fundraising enough money to save our little boy, it's also a personal and spiritual growth road.  I have had to learn how to be humble, how to not degrade people for being selfish, how to handle criticism of something I believe so strongly in. 

It's really similar to how I have seen some people in my life act when I hold them accountable for being too lazy to recycle.  I had a unique experience while in Brazil to see the real impact of our convenience driven lives.  It was so sad to see the lungs of our planet demolished for the strip mining of Bauxite

Believe me I am not a perfect tree hugger, LOL!  We definitely have a net energy usage.  I get it that it is hard.  But there are so many little things we do that if everyone did would make a huge impact.  Realize by walking the extra 10 feet to recycle your soda can save 90% of the original energy that it took to make that soda can.  Plus, here in Iowa its 5 cents and I would be happy to take it for you :)

In regards to helping and saving these unwanted children, it is not realistic for every one to accept a child into their homes, but it is realistic for people to help those who are willing.  Many people, including us, support children through organization such as World Vision, Children's International, Feed the Children.  It's not so taboo to send your $25 dollars a month off for those kids.  Well, we are sort of doing the ultimate child sponsorship by bringing these babies home.   

We may be as non-conventional as the family who under went the project presented in No Impact Man, but our project is a little different.  We are going to be Jeremy's family. 

We need your help!  $20 that's all.  Please consider how much you spend on every day conveniences, realize how these kids have never experienced those things.  Jeremy has never had McDonald's or a soda or take out.  A VERY small sacrifice will mean the world to him.  Please $20. 
Well back to cleaning, the littles are helping clean the floors and having great fun doing it, last weekend I was so busy with the bake sale that the house got a teensy bit trashed.  A good friend is coming over with her kiddos to watch mine tonight while I announce the Go-Kart races and I promised her I would have this pit cleaned up.  Have a great weekend everyone, keep us in your prayers please.  Tomorrow we get to stand up in church and tell our story.  We go to a decent size church, I am totally excited to see what God does with that opportunity!


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