Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A new picture

We got a new picture of our little boy yesterday!  It came at such a wonderful time.  Can I say that I am totally exhausted from this weekend's bake sale?  Days of baking, and a whole day on my feet in the sun with a 3 hr nap before, I was a zombie yesterday! LOL!  But, just when I was getting discouraged an email popped up with a new picture of our little guy.  Our whole family was thrilled!

David is out working on getting a few more sponsors for our golf tournament.  We NEED sponsors, so if you know of any one or think you might have once known someone, ask them to sponsor our tournament.  Hole Sponsors can do so for $100, we also need door prizes.

Also, don't forget about the premier jewelry.  If you want to host a party, please contact me asap.  All sales in the month of July that go through Leah will result in at least 70% of each sale going to our adoption.

Thanks again everyone for all your help.  I'm staring down the barrel of a couple night shifts....


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  1. Contact Toyota of Des Moines. They like to sponsor stuff.