Friday, June 10, 2011

Now I gotta get twitter...

Last night a friend of a friend tweeted LL Cool J about our adoption, and he re-tweeted!  Then her post about me, steadily climbed to over 1000 hits.  I thought all night that maybe this is a breakthrough in making our miracle happen.  But, much to my surprise, absolutely no changes in donations.  This a.m.I have a new follower, YAY!

Let's keep the faith that all those people who now know about Jeremy will be touched by his picture and think about him over the next few days and feel convicted to give.

You had to be there though when the message from my friend Heather came through informing of LL's deed.  At first, I was just staring, I couldn't figure out what she meant.  Course 6 hours of sleep in 48 hours makes you, well ya know. Then DING, light bulb!  I said very loud, right in the middle of the ER, again very loud. -"Oh my God!"  Then I had every one's attention to say the least....  I couldn't believe it, but one person was like who's LL Cool J.  Oh my.....  But still it was fun through the night to see Heather posts of how many hits she was getting.  She's a rock star blogger!  This should help her following for sure!

So let's get Jeremy home.  I can't go into details right now.  Time is very very very urgent in getting our little man home  We implore you, please please please help.  Please share our cause.  Give whatever you can, again no gift is to small when it comes from the heart.



  1. The post has over 1400 hits now! And it is at the top of my list of popular posts, so it has it's own little place on my homepage now!

  2. Thanks Heather! Now if each of those people would have donated just a $1.....