Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Bring Jeremiah Home Golf Tournament!

August 20, 2011 Shaeffer's Golf Course!   9am tee off!

We are having a big benefit tournament, 4 men/women teams.  36 teams!

Here's what we need:
1. Corporate Sponsor $4000-will get a great big sign and advertisement, plus a large tax deductible donation, if a sponsor steps forth soon ALL fliers will state that the tournament is brought to them by said business.  This is a great way for a business to get some major advertisement as it will be in all the papers and such. A few businesses/people could share this sponsorship.

2. 18 entities to sponsor a hole for $100-advertisement and prizes associated with your name!

3. DOOR PRIZES!  Please spread the word.  Looking for great door prizes and also would like to have 144 of any item so that each and every golfer is guaranteed a gift for attending.

5. Sponsors for trophies-awarded to Best Ambulance Score, Best Fire Score, Best Church Score, Best Overall Score.

6. Donation of some good prizes, since most of our golfers will likely be men, looking for some manly gifts-drills, saws, sporting gear-get the idea?

We are awaiting one final phone call and then fliers will be going out to invite people to participate.  Hoping to offer an "all-inclusive" type registration that will include food and beverages at the event.

Please spread the word.  Ask any business owners you know to donate marketing merchandise.  It's a great way for the business to get advertisement and help out a wonderful cause.

My ultimate optimistic goal is to not only raise enough funds to bring Jeremy home, but to make a HUGE donation to Reece's Rainbow for more children to experience a mother's love.

Thanks to all you who have volunteered to help!  We may need a few more volunteers the day of the event, but mostly right now we need people to help beat the streets to get prizes and sponsors!

Thank YOU!!!!!

Thanks to Momentus Golf of Mount Pleasant, Federal Mogul of Burlington, Indian Hills Golf of Wapello for your donation of prizes. And Lil Cubbies Daycare of Burlington for hole sponsorship and door prizes.


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