Friday, June 24, 2011

Extra chromosome=orphanage

This is what kept our little Jeremiah from being deemed worthy by his culture.  An extra chromosome, that's all.  Since when does an extra chromosome mean that a child isn't worth your time? 

We love him more than words can say.  We haven't even got to meet him yet, but we love him none the less.  He and his little sister (hopefully) were both born with an extra chromosome and for some reason that makes them unworthy to stay with the family they were born into.  Sad isn't it?

You can help! 

Please please donate to help bring these kids into a loving family.  We are asking people for $20 donations.  Even in tough times.....follow your heart and give these kids the love they deserve.   We need 949 $20 donations.  Please share us on your facebook and from the mountain tops. If you know anyone who has large followings are has the ability to reach many, please let them know!  These small donations add up to a huge benefit for one, maybe two, children.



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