Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Bake sale and Craft stuff! 4th of July

So I'm trying my hand at some "crafty" sort of things.  Here is our beautiful model, Emerald, modeling the hats for our 4th of July Bake/Craft Sale.  We will have a booth at the West Burlington 4th of July festival.  So come on out and support us.  Please tell your friends too.

Had another fun day of doing home health care.  I am really starting to enjoy this new gig.  Still working in the ER part time too.  It's a nice contrast.

David had a good day home with the kids.  They have started their second session of swimming lessons.  Even if our schedule isn't "traditional," our family is truly blessed to provide a parent home with our kids MOST of the time.  We have recently been blessed with a sitter who has been wonderful with the kiddos.  She keeps them (and herself) entertained with all sorts of activities.  She has been an answered prayer for our family.  Thanks Linda for all you do.

This was what I did when I got home from work this afternoon.  They are "firework" pens.  The kiddos enjoyed watching Mommy fumble around and make them.  Hoping they all sell at our booth on the 4th.

If you have some crafts or baked goods to donate we would really appreciate it.  The more the merrier :)

It will be soooo wonderful to go to our annual 4th of July family reunion and introduce Jeremiah and maybe another little person to the extended family.  I just can hardly wait.  We keep holding on to faith that the Lord is working on people's hearts to donate $20. 

A friend told me the other night something that really hit home.  I just couldn't understand why some people have been so negative towards us for answering a calling.  Like he put it, some people have no idea what a calling is or what it's like to obey that which you have been called to do.  Some how that has brought a little peace to my heart.  But, it saddens me a little too, to have the reality that some people don't understand who God is or what His plan is for our lives is.  Each to their own....my job is to love and that's what I am going to do.

Thanks to all you who have donated.  If I could let you inside our hearts and Jeremy's heart and feel the true gratitude I would.  How exciting it will be to give him his first hug from his Mom and Dad!



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