Wednesday, June 15, 2011

We need you!

Imagine that your parents never picked you up when you cried, never kissed you gently while they cradled you in their arms, never sang playful songs to make you laugh and were never by your bedside to comfort you when you were sick. Imagine what it would be like to grow up without any parents at all.

I found this quote at  How perfectly it describes our feelings. 

Us and Jeremy share something in common, dreaming of each other.  Every waking moment, from the moment we close our eyes, to the first hint of awakeness we have each other on our minds.  We are working so hard to bring you home little boy!

Realize this.  When we go to pick him up, and maybe his little sister, they will be handed to us in nothing but a pair of underwear.  So do you see when I say he has nothing it literally mean nothing.  We are rich folk, but we have EVERYTHING to him, the love of a family.

So donations..... WE NEED DONATIONS!!!!  There is just no way around it.  What would you do to save your child or grandchild?  Seriously, if everyone who has looked at this site would have donated just a dollar, we would be so much further along.   We are and will continue to contribute every single spare penny we have to saving our son from a life of an institution.

The institution is even lesser staffed than the baby houses.  One family literally found their little boy sitting in a shed rocking himself.  He had been there for a year.  Why? Because he needed leg braces to walk.  Something so simple for his family here to provide, but something his country would have never bothered giving him.  So he soothed his loneliness, sadness, and hunger for love by rocking.  Now that little boy is riding a bike and always has a huge smile on his face.  That little boy had people just like you contribute whatever they could and now he gets hugs daily from his mommy and daddy.

Please donate.  Believe me it is a whole new ball game to be on this end of giving.  We fell in love with this boy and will do anything to save him, including swallowing our pride and asking for money.  Yes money!  We need it to raise his ransom!  What would you do to save your child?  Seriously, if everyone who looked at this just gave a $1 we would be soooo much closer.  Please listen to your heart and give whatever you can. Even if it isn't comfortable.  Giving Jeremy a home is more satisfying that any meal out or merchandise.


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