Sunday, June 19, 2011

A Father's Day Tribute to all the great dads in our life

World's Greatest Dad!
Here is an awesome father! Not only is he a WONDERFUL father to his two "biological" kids, he is an excited expecting daddy awaiting Jeremy!
This man does things most men wouldn't even think of doing for their kids.  He fills many rolls.  He does a good portion of our home schooling when I work.  He does a great job at laundry and cleaning.  He reads bed time stories. He fixes owies.  He fixes things around the house. He manages our rental property. He works every weekend at night, so that our kids can have a parent HOME with them 90% of the time.  We don't have "traditional" work schedules, but he sacrifices every day to make sure our kids have the best life we can provide for them.  I'm a little jealous sometimes at how much time he gets to spend with our precious cargo.  Jeremy has no idea what a wonderful daddy he has working hard to bring him home.

I love you David!  Happy Father's Day!  Thanks for all you do for our family!  You are the best dad and husband we could have ever been blessed with! Keep working hard!  We WILL get our little boy home! 

Here he is with his first born son! Jed.  I can't wait to have a picture of our boys together at home!
They were so proud of this fire truck because it was like "dad's" David went through a lot to get that truck that day.  Don't worry Jeremy, Dad will get you something cool soon!

Having a picnic.  Asparagus! One of our favs! See Jeremy there's room for you too!

Grandpa Choo Choo
Happy Father's Day!
He would say this is of his best side.  I just love this picture!  Jed and Ernie(Grandpa Choo Choo) share a deep love of trains.  He is one of the best grandpas around.  Other kids have come to know him as Grandpa Choo Choo!  We love you! Jeremy, Gramps can't wait to teach YOU all about trains!

How did he know just what she wanted?
Riding the Polar Express!  A favorite yearly outing with Grandpa Choo Choo!

And Finally, Grandpa Kelley
11/23/1949-02/06/2011 (super bowl Sunday)

Daddy words will never be able to describe just how much I miss you and love you.  The wound of your departure is still fresh.  I cry as I think about Jeremy never getting to meet you until the day we get to Heaven.  I know you would have been excited for us and our family.  You were an awesome dad.  I still find it hard to believe that you are really gone.  Today, Father's Day will be so hard not being able to see you and say I love you Daddy.  I was always your little girl and I will be in my soul forever and ever.  How can it be? I hope I can give April many memories of her daddy too.  I miss you soooo much! Someday we'll be able to embrace once again and I'll feel like your little girl.  I hope you are proud of us Dad, we are working really hard for another grandson for you.  Love, Forever and Allways your little girl XOXOXO

Waiting on a glass of ice tea to enjoy the day. 
Daddy and AJ-Jeremy's aunt!


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