Monday, June 6, 2011

ER story

Granted, I can't ever really publicly tell all the craziness, joy, and sadness I see in the ER BUT! I can tell of some of the humour we come up with to entertain ourselves.

Tonight, the rad tech asked me to lead up to help do an xray.  Then she says oh wait you can't help, you're pregnant!  There are several girls in our team that are pregnant currently.  So, well I've been dubbed pregnant, which gets several wide eyed looks. As a collaborative effort we've decided that I'm somewhere around 26 weeks pregnant.  I'm no skinny minnie, so it's believable. I'm happy to have joined the ranks.  Plus, its nice to have acceptance of the journey we are going through.  We have the same anticipation and fears as if we were pregnant.  We are so excited!  Our kids will have a brother from another mother.

Then the conversation went to predicting which type of dementia we were going to be.  Climbing into our crystal ball we all imagined.  Would I be the cookey lady who talks to aliens complete with tin foil hat, the mean lady who no one can please, the one who smears poo, or the one who deals viagra to the old men in exchange for snickers.  Well, it was decided....I would be the little old lady trading viagra for snickers since by then I'll surely be diabetic and my drug of choice is indeed food.  Therefore, I would do whatever it took to have my forbidden food.  Because you know those pesky nurses won't give me any.  Maybe you had to be there.....  I promise it was a group effort.  Lindsey you are awesome.  Thanks for the smiles at the end to a long shift.

So, I've decided that when our Tax Deductible fund hits $20,000 I'll be shaving my head.  Then Fred (our lab guy) and I can be twins!  That takes the stipulation of a single donor away and allows for a community effort.  Any one have any connections with some big names in the salon industry who would find it a fun cause?  Of course the hair will be donated.  So everyone wins.  Jeremy gets out of his orphanage and someone who has lost their hair gets pretty red hair.  Now here's a kicker.  There is talk in this family of bringing a second child home.  A little girl perhaps.  If that happens then the grant will need to reach $24,000 for a bald LouAnn.  Even my husband, who HATES it when I even mention cutting my hair, is totally on board. 

We need helpers and lots of them!  Spread the word let's make me bald!

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